5 basement flooring ideas

5 Basement Flooring Ideas

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Let’s say goodbye to the dusty and not maintained basements where you just put the stuff you find extra in the house or where you do not wish to go because of the dirt and dust. Make your basement a nice place to be in the house. There is no reason to neglect it or to keep it in a bad condition. They are an extra area that you can utilize in the best way possible. You can create your own gaming area in the basement or can create a nice hangout space for you and your friends, even if you do not want to create these kinds of areas you can style keep it nice and tidy.

Flooring Ideas

You can get an idea of what kind of floorings you can use in the basement.

1: Tile flooring

Tile flooring

Tiles are available in different shapes and patterns and can be used to create stylish patterns on the floor. They also come in a huge price range so that they can be within anyone’s budget. These tiles are one of the ideal flooring ideas you can use to decorate the floor of your basement and make it look better and tidy. If you want to have a warm to the footing tile then you should install a subfloor before installing the tiles.

2: Vinyl floor planks

Vinyl floor planks

Vinyl floor planks are normally used in the kitchen or bathroom because of their waterproof nature and the ability to be in the right conditions even in damp places. These vinyl floor planks can also be used in the basement because basements too get damp and humid. These make the area look elegant and tidy. You can choose different colors of these planks according to the color you are going after. Get these planks and create a pretty flooring in the basement and change the whole look of it.

3: Carpeted floor

Carpeted floor

Carpet is always a good flooring idea you can use when you feel the need to cover the floor. Carpet provides you with warmth and coziness in the room. You can get so many different materials and colors of carpets according to the theme or the color you want to decorate the basement. If you do not want to cover the whole floor with a carpet then you can go and get a big rug that can cover most of the area of the floor and yet won’t cover each and every end of it.

4: Cork flooring

Cork flooring

Cork flooring is something that has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. Cork flooring is a comfortable flooring idea that provides you with some cushioning when you are moving around on the floor. This flooring provides natural warmth to the room due to its warm and cozy nature. If you are someone who is not used to soft flooring then this might not be the one for you but if you are looking for soft and comfortable flooring then get cork tiles or cork planks installed on the floor. This flooring requires more maintenance than others on the list.

5: Wood flooring

Wood flooring

Do not use the natural simple wood when it comes to flooring because that wood being natural might absorb the dampness and swell or can break and cause some problems. Instead of that, you should get some engineered wood flooring that is designed in a way that won’t absorb the humidity or dampness and will maintain its shape in all conditions. You can form some patterns with this engineered wood flooring and can use it to create a comfy and cozy basement.


These are some of the different types of flooring you can use to make your basement look better. You can use some other type of flooring as well when it comes to selecting flooring for the basement. Flooring can change the overall look of the area and make the area look and feel comfortable. You need to make sure you choose the one that brightens ups the room and does not hold onto humidity. These flooring that is mentioned above are some of the ideal ones that you can use in your basement and are budget-friendly too.






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