5 Ways You Can Spruce Up Your Front Entry

5 Ways You Can Spruce Up Your Front Entry

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The front entry of your house is the first impression people get about your house and thus it is important to keep it well-maintained and to keep it nice and tidy. You can decorate and style up the front entryway and make the entry of the house look beautiful. There are so many things you need to keep in mind when you are styling up the front of the main door. You need to keep in mind the theme of the decor inside the house and to match that outside, proper light when it gets dark, the right amount of greenery outside the door, and decorating the area around such as the porch. There are so many ways you can decorate the area in front of your door and create a wonderful impression on your guests and people passing by your house.

Spruce Up Your Front Entry

1: Add plants at the entrance of the house

Plants make every space better and more vibrant. Plants make the area feel fresh and thus they should be there at the entrance of your house. You can keep some stunning vines or some small plants and small trees in the entryway and can even decorate the stairs with some small pots at the ends of the stairs. Plants make the area look nice and homey.

2: Well painted front area of the house

When you are looking for ways to make the area in front of the house look beautiful and better, you can simply just keep it neat and vibrant by painting it with a nice shade. If you want to have a change of decor, you can paint the door a different color than the rest of the house to have a nice element to the look. A nicely painted front is always a plus point for the decor of the house.

3: Beautiful light fixtures at the entryway

You need to make your entryway as comfortable as possible and to do so you need to make the area bright at night as well. For that to happen, you can get some good lights installed around the entryway. You can use some good lamps and other light fixtures to create a bright entryway throughout the day. You can also get some motion sensor lights for the entryway to create a high-tech and modern space.

4: Furniture on the porch/entryway

There is some space available in front of the door and around it usually known as the porch. You can use that area and put some furniture there that can be used to sit during pleasant weather and enjoy the surroundings. You can keep some chairs and a table there so that you can enjoy your evening tea or can enjoy the fresh air and the weather there. Furniture adds a sense of coziness and home to the entryway. You can also put a swing or other things on the porch.

5: Decorative accessories around the entryway and door

Decorate the way to your home. There are either stairs or a path that leads to the front door and you can decorate the area with so many different things. You can decorate the area with some fairy lights, mailbox, rug, tiles on the floor, painting the staircase, artwork, decor elements on the door and so much more. This creates a sense of comfort and coziness around the area which makes the house feel inviting and soothing. There are so many ways you can decorate the area near the front door.


You might need to keep into consideration a few things such as the weather around the area to see that your decorations and furniture on the porch do not get damaged. Select the theme that will suit the area inside the house so that there is no drastic change when moving from outside the house to inside. You need to make sure that the area is clean and well lit, the decor is up to the theme, and to see how can you incorporate the things you want to decorate the place with the outer style of the house, the area near the door. You can decorate the whole porch if you want to.

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