70s Home Decor Trends That Are Back In Style

70s Home Decor Trends That Are Back In Style

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Trends are something that never remains constant, one year some decor trends manage to make the mark, another year the same trends are replaced with new and fresh trends. This is a continuous process that keeps on evolving every year. But as we speak of today’s decor approach, interior designers and homeowners are no longer completely relying on contemporary decor style of the modern era, in fact, they are taking full advantage of decor trends of different styles from different decades. Despite being a thing of the past, there are a few of the decor trends that still live in our hearts and holds an amazing ability to fuse well with the existing decor style in your space whilst also adding a breath of fresh air into your house. And this year, it’s all about the 70s which involved bright colors, smooth lines, and futuristic approach and that’s exactly what makes this trend super functional and appealing which can instantly add so much interest to your space.
If you have been looking for some inspiration to give your home a little vintage makeover with hints of modernity then make sure to read through the article as we have listed a few 70s decor trends that are officially back in the game.

70s Home Decor Trends Getting Back In Style

Geometric shapes

Geometric shapes The 70s were all about expressions, thereby the reason why various geometrical shapes and bold patterns were used in the home designing. And now that this trend is back in the game, you should take up the opportunity to spruce up your space using different geometric shapes to add new vibe into the room and make it look more eye-catching. Look for bold furniture such as chairs, tables, and several other pieces. Swap your circular coffee table with an oval table as it was one of the hottest trends of that decade. You can also experiment with patterned pillows or wall art to make things look more prominent.

Hanging chairs

Hanging chairs While chairs in the living room are meant to be functional but that doesn’t mean you cannot experiment with its style. If you want to spice things up in your home then consider replacing your regular chairs with a hanging chair and it will instantly add so much interest and flair into the room. Hanging chairs add a certain amount of comfort and coziness into the space; making it a perfect and leisurely hanging spot in the house. You can add this chair to almost every room in your house. Layer it up with a plush and cozy cushion and pillows to elevate its look.

Shag carpet

Shag carpet Shag and fringes were possibly one of the biggest trends in the 70s and they were all over the fashion world, let alone the home designing. Their innate ability to create visual interest and add so much texture into the room is still very much prevalent. Both shag and fringes played a huge part in the carpets of the 70s era and this year too, they will make for a great addition to any house. These carpets are made from natural material and usually come in soft beige colors that allow you to add some playful tones into the room.


Rattan Rattan was an extremely popular furniture choice back in the 70s. It was made using natural elements like willow and cane. What sets rattan furniture apart is its easy approach which adds a very laidback and effortless feel into the space with a hint of a bohemian vibe. Adding rattan furniture into your space will definitely help you in achieving the desired 70s look. From hanging chairs and shelves to chairs and a coffee table, you can use rattan in so many amazing ways and styles.


Macrame Whenever we think of macrame, they instantly remind us of the 70s. This ancient decor trend acts as a great way to add texture, color, and most importantly visual interest into the space whilst also saving you from all that trouble of creating a perfect gallery wall for your bare wall. Besides being used for decorations, they were also used to hold the plant pots which add softness and natural vibes into the space. You can choose to get either one of them for your house.

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