A Magnificent Spanish style kitchen for your home

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What makes a Spanish style kitchen different from the rest of the designs is the existence of long ceilings, arched entryways and use of exquisite material. You should always keep in mind a European and vintage touch while planing the perfect Spanish kitchen. This vibe can be dominated by bronze utensils, terracotta essentials as well as wooden countertops. Everything that has been mentioned has something to do with antique and vintage things and that is why curating this one will be an interesting job.
The charm of a Spanish style kitchen is the most special one and has the ability to modernize the look of your home. Keep this charm alive by paying attention to details and making the most of every corner.

Arched Entryway

The entryway of any room- be it your house, your bedroom, and even your bathroom makes a lot of difference. The kind of impact that is cast because of this entryway is something else and cannot be matched with anything. So, if you are looking forward to curating the perfect entry for your Spanish style kitchen, you need to pay attention to details. Pick an arched entry for your kitchen or a dome-like entry that makes you feel like you are caving into something. This arched ceiling is one of the best features in European construction and thus, is a must for your kitchen. Simply tear down the main entry wall and construct an arch-like look for this area. It will do wonders!

Walnut Cabinets

A Spanish style kitchen is the most exquisite way to add a vintage touch to your home and make it look fancy and stylish effortlessly. There are so many cabinets in the market that can be used for styling your kitchen but a walnut colored cabinet has a charm of another level. Any dark wood is a good option for curating the perfect vintage look in your home because wood is a classic material. Walnut is one such wood that has a lot of class and timelessness factor to it. It brings a more or less Mediterranean style in your kitchen because of its bold and sharp features along with class and simplicity. It doesn’t require very high maintenance and thus, can easily flatter the Spanish look of your kitchen. You can also look for built-in carved wood cabinets with a stone island on top.

Terracotta flooring

Terracotta is basically a type of earthenware and a clay-based ceramic flooring that looks extravagant because of its looks. This terracotta design has been dominant in flooring since the olden days when designing wasn’t even a thing. But it was popular because of its charm, elegance, and boldness. The way it is installed, the colors and designs, the earthen vibe and the classic style have grabbed our hearts yet again. A terracotta kitchen is anyway a Spanish classic and thus, no Spanish kitchen is complete without using an element of Terracotta. Clay tones are perfect for creating warmth and adding fancy aesthetics to your house. Moreover, the color of this flooring matches perfectly with the walnut cabinets.

Install wrought iron features

A Spanish kitchen does well justice to an elegant space. It is only logical to think that one should install a lot of old elements in order to grab attention. This will make your kitchen look vintage and stylish at the same time. Thus, a combination of wrought metals such as iron and bronze together create an ancient charm. There is nothing like adding this feature to your kitchen and making it look a bit more than Spanish. You can go for a wrought iron sink or door handles and hinges in such design. It will be the perfect medieval vibe for your house. Don’t think twice and go for it.

Ornamental Hangings

Hangings can be in the form of artwork or central lamps for illumination. If you are up for fancy artwork, then these ornamental hangings will be the best option for a Spanish style kitchen. These ornamental hanging will not only ante the look of your kitchen but will also make it a designer place. you got to spend a lot of time in the kitchen so you should pick a great variety of art pieces for your walls as well as the ceiling.

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