Abstract Wall Art Ideas For Your Drawing Room

Abstract Wall Art Ideas For Your Drawing Room

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If you want to add something to your drawing room that attracts the attention of your guests, wall art could be your calling. You don’t even have to stick to just paintings, you can mount or hang anything and everything you like on your selected wall to beautify. You can work with paintings, random art, handicrafts, pottery, and direct wall paints, to program exotic wall art to suit your tastes.

Here we are discussing some ideas for you to get started with wall art concepts so that you can fathom more out of your drawing space. You may want to do some in the hallway that leads to the main gathering space.

Wall Art Ideas For Your Drawing Room


Mounting colorful baskets is a great idea to get started with a fabulous boho outlook of your drawing room. You just have to pick colorful woven baskets that are lightweight especially and match the color concept of the rest of the space. You can start with bamboo woven baskets of different circumferences and see them looking all elegant up on the wall. That will be a great idea for kitchen space too. Add some more light feathers and grain stalks and boho-inspired vases.


Waves and Marbling

You can frame the paintings of random sea waves or with some vibrant shades marbling through them. These framed paintings will together create a bigger picture of the same: larger waves of any beach or larger anything. Some golden marbling done on a white surface would create aesthetic value for darker red walls. This concept is, though, simple, a very elegant approach to decorating a given space and can be prepared at home too. You can put the colors that you want apart from the usual blue-green.



Looking for a brighter take in your drawing room that is effortless and reflects a lot? Take help from mirrors and quite a lot of them. They are harmlessly attractive, they reflect what they see. Mirrors are brightened with light, greener with plants, etc. You can hang multiple hand mirrors with eccentric ethnic or creative touch or simply paste on pieces of broken mirror. They will reflect separately and fill in the space quickly. Mirrors and reflective look smashing, classy, and need no care.



If you have a pretty collection of ceramic stuff on you, feel free to display your taste to your guests and yourself so you use them often. Hand up some varied ceramic plates, different in sizes, colors, and patterns, and see the walls uplifting again. Do not mix the colors of the ceramic collection with the walls as that would nullify the effect. Create vibrant contrasts to help your collection stand out.


Mosaic Play

Take different designer tiles and stick them to the wall to create fancy mosaic styles. They are creative, unique, and extremely fascinating to look at. An alternative to this would be if you picked broken pieces of tiles and placed them in such a way that it created an image. Although one piece or even a few pieces together would not make any sense, and that is acceptable too, once the image begins to build, it will radiate something and add more depth.

Mosaic Play

A lot of these ideas are hard to grasp and might not come out as beautiful at the very first instance but they will, nevertheless, begin to make a lot of sense and add something to the drawing space eventually.  You can start by choosing the right color palette for the artsy effect. Then move on to the concept. Yes, there is also a great scope for DIYs and you don’t even have to be good at it. Some sense is always drawn out of even the abstract.

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