Additions In The House That Will Enhance The Place

Additions In The House That Will Enhance The Place

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When you are creating a space for yourself own yourself like an apartment or a house, sometimes you feel the need to have some extra area around or to have a bigger space. Instead of looking for bigger spaces every now and then, you can create some extra additions in the house that will provide you with those areas that you were looking for. Instead of just buying a new space you can renovate the area you have in a way that the space provided to you is utilized to the maximum capacity. For example, you can use the space around the house, in the front and the back, and also use the space above such as by building another storey. There are so many small and big additions that you can add to your space.

Additions In The House

1: A glass wall in the living room

If you feel that your living room is a bit small and not airy as you want to then you can get a whole wall removed and in place of it, you can add a whole glass wall, from the ceiling to the floor. This is one of the ways to make the room look spacious and better. This glass wall will provide you with light and air and will make the room look bigger thus making you feel cozy and comfortable. You would not need any extra space to create a bigger room.

2: Addition of a mudroom

Mudrooms do not need an additional area to be built. You can create a mudroom near the porch area around the front door. All you need is a bench to sit on or an ottoman and some shelves or cabinets to place the shoes and stuff. These kinds of areas are useful to change the dirty shoes into something clean before coming inside the house or remove the snow boots or rain boots or removing the coats and jackets. This area creates a nice transformation from the door to the room.

3: Open space kitchen

Instead of having a closed kitchen concept, you can look for some open kitchen concepts so that you can have more space around. The kitchen and the living room together will create an illusion of a bigger space. So instead of going after specified areas and creating walls between rooms, you can use a kitchen island to make a small partition.

4: Enclosed porch area

If you want a sunroom but you do not have the space for it, you can then definitely use your porch area and create the sunroom you want. All you need to do is cover the porch with glass or some other transparent material. This will provide you with an additional area where you can sit without thinking about the weather. You get the additional room where you can enjoy the sun and can even utilize it for any other purpose as well. You can create a gym, reading room, etc.

5: Adding another floor

If you have a single storey house then you can always add another storey to the building to add more rooms to the house. If you want to then you can create big rooms and can utilize the space however you want to. This new floor of the building will provide you with extra space to create whatever you want to. This other storey will provide you with all the extra space that you can use to create a wonderful decor. Utilize the space you have properly and make the most out of it.


These additions not only provide you with additional space but also provides you with some new elements of decor. They make the area look nice and comfortable, making you feel cozy and relaxed in your house. You can renovate small areas in your house or can go with the larger areas of the house according to your budget and liking. You need not go about investing in a new property when you can utilize the one you have. There are so many blank spaces in the house where you can build and change the look from something closed and boxy to simple and airy.

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