Bathroom Tiling Ideas for a Contemporary Look

Bathroom Tiling Ideas for a Contemporary Look

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Bathrooms are that arena in our homes that is a world in itself, where no one disturbs the tranquility we are wishing for. This is a spot where want to hang out when we have been through stressful days and sleepless nights. These are safe havens where we can be ourselves and relax as long as we want. So for these reasons, we strive to make our bathrooms adapted to our needs and lifestyles.
When it comes to giving the bathrooms a clean finish, we can’t miss how important tiles are. This is why we are suggesting the right tiles for the right feels you desire in your bathroom space. Keep reading!


Bathroom Tiling Ideas

1. Big White Porcelain Tiles

This classic tiling option works for everybody. This is because it is very versatile, one, and second, it generates scope for more creative and beautiful enhancements. This clean slate makes the space look roomier and clean. They aren’t as shiny as the granite tiles but rather showcase a smooth and flawless appearance.

Use for: Walls

2. Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stones come in many colors and many different textures and shades. Colors can be so diversified in just a few centimeters of length that it might baffle you. But a contemporary bathroom vision can easily incorporate this because the overall look matters. These tiles create a packed and denser effect on the walls so they feel heavy. You can also put up a section in a wall dedicated to its textures and supplemented with lighting.

Use for: Walls

3. Colorful Glass Tiles

Glass tiles dispense a shining aura because they reflect so much! These tiles can be colorful or designed variously, whatever suits your tastes. Glass can quickly revamp your bathroom and add texture in places you want. You can choose the color you feel is most refreshing and cooling and what better than greens and blues?
Add some lighting to that and have the most gorgeous bathroom set up ever!

Use for: Separator wall or shower backdrop

4. Textured Black Marble Tiles

A peculiar yet fantastic choice of modern urban dwellers is the black marble tile that consists of faded gray marbling. It has a high contrast capacity, meaning more greens, whites, and metal works are welcomed. The outlook is deeper and clean, the small space looks smaller and the bigger bathroom looks just right. This one doesn’t look dusty, time and again, like those whites. Fancy a bathtub? Get a white one on this blackboard.

Use for: Walls and Floors

5. Mosaic Tiles for Eccentric Bling

A high grade of creative finesse is put into the making of mosaic tiles because there are many pieces of different sizes, shapes, and colors and they are fitted in to create a mosaic that you dream of. Design can vary to a large extent, don’t worry you will be helped by a catalog then. If you have a concept or drawing in mind, get things done that way. Plus, they are very easy to clean too!

Use for: Floors

Bottom line:

Before proceeding to the selection of tiles, there are a few things you would need to consider. First, you should think thoroughly about what outlook you want. Secondly, you have to see how much space you have and generate an idea for efficient space utilization that will create space for tiling, eventually. Lastly, decide on one color scheme for your contemporary bathroom. If you now have a rough idea of where to start, these tiling ideas will help you create a robust bathroom for yourself and also, probably, add the missing colors.

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