Bedroom decor ideas your teenager will love

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When it comes to a teen’s bedroom, it is often overlooked. Much like you tend to put efforts and ideas into decorating your kid’s nursery and playroom, your teen’s bedroom could also use the same amount of love. They also deserve to have space where they can sleep, study, chill and take much-needed rest after having spent the entire day doing their homework and all sorts of activities. Whether it’s an existing room you are trying to redecorate or starting from scratch, you could always use some refreshing ideas and inspiration to give you a head start on how you can transform the appearance of your teen’s room. Having this decoration done in your teen’s bedroom is not only going to change the whole vibe of the room but it will also change the perspective of your teen and makes going to bedroom seem less scary.

Listed below are some fabulous bedroom ideas that your teen will probably love.

Some plants and a multifunctional piece will work

Green plants aren’t just for the millennials, today’s teens also find the idea of adding plants to their rooms to be very interesting and calming. A fiddle leaf fig plant not only looks very pleasant and calming to see but it also adds color, character and the needed definition to the room. You can either put it in a decorative container or you can choose to place it in a potter with a striking and unique element to it to spruce up the look of it even more. Additionally, you can also add a multi-functional piece such as a vanity table which comes with a lot of storage space. The vanity will come super handy if you and your sibling share the same bathroom, as you won’t have to rush with your morning routine when you have a vanity in your bedroom. You can elevate the appearance of the room by adding other essentials such as the bed, storage, and artworks for finishing touches.

Give the room a boho touch

Bohemian vibe is something that comes across to be really striking yet chic. If your teen is all about boho vibes, then there can be no better way of decorating the bedroom than giving it a boho touch. A printed bedsheet and a funky tapestry hanged on the back wall of the bed will make for the perfect setting in the room. For further sprucing, you can consider adding a rug underneath the bed to give the room a cozy and complete appearance. For a nightstand, you can consider putting a regular and elegant side table that you can use to hold a bedside lampshade. Doing so will give the room a very trendy and grown-up appearance.

Say no more to the boring carpet

With everything going right in the room, you can’t make any decor mistake. A carpet is one of the most important elements and it plays an important role in tying the whole room together and make it look more cohesive. Therefore, you should make no mistakes with the carpet. Look for carpets that look quite unique and striking so that they can work in the favor of the bedroom and not the other way around. You can either choose to experiment with the print and pattern of the rug or you can choose different material and the design, either way, the unique detailing of the carpet is going to spruce up the appearance of the bedroom like nothing else.

String lights for the win

Want the room to appear dreamy and magical? Look no further than string lights to do the job for you. For a minimal yet stylish approach, string lights can be the way to decorate the room. You can either hang the string lights on the edge of the bed or you can hang it on the wall, do it the way you like and what appeals to you the most. To make things look more interesting, you can add a soft furry rug and it will make waking up in the morning easier and cozy.

Keep the bedding colorful

For that dramatic and cheerful look, there can be no better way to spice things up than adding lots of color to the bedding. You can add some colorful throw pillows and a bedspread to complete the look of your bed. Beautiful prints, patterns, and sequins will spruce up the appearance of the bedroom like nothing else, you can add as many throw pillows as you like, just make sure that you have enough space to sleep on.

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