Best Décor Items That are Good Noisy

Best Décor Items That are Good Noisy

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Decor items come in plenty of types and build. Each one of them with a unique beauty and fascinating element adding to one aspect of home décor hence fascinating the environment. With a cuteness factor in them that brings the sound up and more noticeable, they are appealing to look at and bring more movement with their constant or occasional hitting. So if you want to have such items that not only beautify your place but also bring out some noise and lure auditory senses, read the following suggestions!

Décor Items That are Good Noisy

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are among the top picks for home decorators. They are convenient to incorporate into home décor and can be placed anywhere, in the hallway, garden, front yard, or inside the house. You only have to make sure that the wind hits it enough so that it moves else, you will have to get up and take the initiative. They are usually made of metals, glass or crystals, etc, for them to be sonorous enough when the pieces hit each other.

wind chimes

Dream Catcher

Those dream catchers need to sit right where the air enters your room. You must have them plenty in your bedroom but what if they had more embellishments that made them heavier and more robust? On top of that, wouldn’t it be nicer if they had some crystals and bells that moved and made a noise every time the ghost entered your dreams with the incoming winds? They come in usually with a lot of feathers.

dream catchers


Small fountains remind us of nature and forests. It is a meditation lover’s best aesthetic. The soothing sound of the little fountain is pleasing to the ears. They are made into little cascades often combined with little plants here and there. The materials like stone and glass are used in general to make beautiful fountains to be kept in the room. They have a mechanized system that keeps pushing water and making it a cascade.


Bell Chimes

Beel chimes are just a substitute for the usual wind chimes. Bell chimes could be made heavier or lighter depending on the material you have chosen for your item. Often very auditory and sensitizing the heavier bells would need intentional initiation whereas the lighter sonorous bells will make twinkling noises every time the wind hit them. Hang them at the very entrance of your house and let the guests know they have been welcomed.

bell chimes

Crystal Strings

Crystal strings could be hung on anyone inside the house, but preferably at the entrances of the room, the points where a room is exited to enter into another, or where it can act as a beautiful backdrop. These strings are much heavier in their build so you can expect no help from the movements. But they will make the move when you do, every time you move through them.

crystal strings

Amp up your room with these euphonious choices of décor items that are a fit for any home. They can be gifted as well to your friends and family members who want to turn a dull room into one that has some life and energy settled in it. Well, these items can be found at any décor shop and they are quite inexpensive and also extravagant, depending on what you are looking for. The items mentioned twinkle and make some sound upon human intervention or make themselves to give some vitality to the room in which they are placed. Make sure you place them in a quiet setting to make the sound more robust. Get the winds working!

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