Essentials Tips For Decorating A Room With A Chandelier

Essentials Tips For Decorating A Room With A Chandelier

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With lighting being one of the most important parts of home decor, it’s extremely important to make the right use of it. As wonderfully as lighting may work for every house, it’s very easy to go wrong with them as well. And it’s quite obvious to get a little confused while purchasing lights as they are available in an array of options which makes the whole choosing process a whole lot tricky and daunting. You just cannot go on and pick any kind of lighting you like, as the overall decor and most importantly the placement also matters.
While there are so many different kinds of lighting options available in the market, but there’s nobody like a chandelier that looks equal part stunning and stylish. Chandeliers are the easiest way to add grandeur to your space and instantly draw the viewer’s attention in the room. And for the latter part, we would like to say that it can either be for the right reasons or wrong reasons and if you want to make sure that you always end up using the chandelier the right way, just stick by a few rules or the tips we are going to list below and you’re never going to draw the viewer’s attention for the wrong reasons and that’s a guarantee.

Best Tips For Decorating A Room With A Chandelier

Choose the right size of chandelier for the room

Choose the right size of chandelier for the room The proportion here plays a vital role as adding a chandelier that is either too big or too small for the space can look overwhelming and underwhelming respectively. It’s crucial to only invest in a piece that is suitable for the room in the right proportion. Be very considerate of the size of your room while looking for chandelier options and narrow down the one that will go well within the space. While there are many believe thoughts surrounding the size of the chandelier but you can use the mathematical method to get an approx idea of what size of chandelier would work well for your space. Just measure the dimensions of the room in feet, add them up and then convert the result into inches which is the optimal diameter of your chandelier.

Complement the chandelier with the color and materials of the space


Complement the chandelier with the color and materials of the space Chandeliers should look like an extended part of the space and not something that looks out of the place. While looking for a chandelier, bear a few things in your mind such as what hues and materials are capable of standing out in the room, what kind of color palette appeal to you, bright or neutral? Does the room contain a mix of metals or is there a use of one metal only? These are a few of the things that you should consider while looking for a crystal, beaded, or metal chandeliers.

You don’t always have to choose a crystal chandelier

You don’t always have to choose a crystal chandelier While crystal chandeliers do look extremely pretty and certainly have a luxe feel to them but that doesn’t mean you always have to go with this traditional choice to decorate your space with. There are so many other beautiful options in the market that looks no less amazing. From sputnik chandelier to globe chandelier, you can find them in so many pretty options in unique detailing such as stained glass, shining metal or glass, use of rope, seashell, bead, reclaimed wood, metallic finish, geometric designs and much more.

Add the chandelier to an unexpected location

Add the chandelier to an unexpected location There’s no written rule that chandeliers are only supposed to be used in entryways, master bedroom or dining room, you can easily go beyond this decor approach and make a statement with an unexpected choice. Now that the chandeliers come in so many different types in varying sizes and designs, you can easily find the one for your home that can go well in rooms like the kitchen, powder room, laundry room or even your kid’s bedroom to add indefinite charm and elegance in the space.

Hang it correctly

Hang it correctly Keeping all things aside, one of the most important rules to make the chandelier work for your space is to hang it correctly. The general room of thumb for hanging a chandelier in the dining room is to keep a distance of at least 30 to 36 inches between the top of the dining table and the bottom of the chandelier. The length of the chandelier also depends on how tall the ceiling is. However, the chain of the chandelier can be easily extended or shortened if required.

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