Boost Up Your Home Living With These Divine Fragrances

Boost Up Your Home Living With These Divine Fragrances

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Most of us are stuck in our work during the weekdays. So when the lovely weekend arrives, you what to stay in your home and wish it to have some amazing fragrance that will help you calm and relax that exhausted mind during your time home. Other than that you wish to try something that would not only last a day but last for days in your home. Everyone loves a welcoming fragrant home, don’t you? So, today we have brought to you a few of these air diffuser DIY that could be tried at home which will lead to making your home odors during the 7 days of the week. Let’s dive into the DIYs.

Style Up Your Home Living With These Divine Fragrances

Reek Diffuser-1

Reek Diffuser-1 The reek diffusers are certainly available to you in the hyped malls and the traditional stores. These are quite expensive and the price rises as per the size of the container. However, these reek diffusers can be made easily at home. What are the ingredients required? Firstly, you will need a glass bottle. Secondly, a combo of essential oils you like or just a bottle of essential oil, reek sticks 8-10, and a bottle of safflower oil. Now, pick up a thinner opening oil diffuser and add all the specified ingredients to it. The quantity you have to add is around 1 cup of safflower oil, add around 20 drops of essential oil to this. A total of 20 drops can be a mixture of two or three fragrances, one of my tested fragrances that work like magic is the vanilla, lemon, and rose petal. I put around 7 drops of vanilla and rose petal and 6 drops of lemon.

Reek Diffuser-2

Reek Diffuser-2 To make a second reek diffuser you will need a thin opening dark color bottle such as blue, brown, or green. Any colorful bottle will be better than the transparent bottle. You would have observed how all the essential oil comes in the dark brown bottle or sometimes they are green. Apart from that, you will need a glass jar only as the plastics ones don’t work well. There are two types of reek which you can purchase first is the Rattan reek and second is the Bamboo skewers. Well, the Rattan reek works best than the bamboo ones. You can add a cup of mineral oil, some nonflavored transparent alcohol like Vodka. Now, you need to add 25 drops of essential oil. There can be a mix or you can stick with one. Add some rattan reek 6-8 since the opening is small. Let it stay in the solution for the night and in the morning the flip the sticks upside down. You can perform this step regularly. The solution will last for about 15 days.


Diffuser-3 To make this diffuser you will need some cotton balls and your essential oils. You can keep a combo if you like or keep one. Take a small plastic or glass bowl. Add three to four cotton balls to it. Finally, add 15 drops of essential oil to the mixture. You can add 5 drops of each or 15 drops of one. You can try out Grapefruit, rose absolute, bergamot. The combo smells awesome. You will enjoy how the room will just have the critic, rosy fragrance. This will last for 5-7 days.


Diffuser-4 This one needs only the essential oil. So to begin to take out the light bulb placed in your rooms and put a drop of two essential oil on it. Now, when you will light up the bulb will become hot, letting the fragrance spread in the room slowly and steady. This procedure has to be performed within every 3-4 days. You cannot just rely upon is to last for more than 5 days that too if you haven’t lighted the bulb for long.
These are a few of the methods we suggest if you have some essential combo that you love and use them regularly. Do share it with us.

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