Brighten up your kitchen with these lighting ideas

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Lighting has always been a pivotal part of your house. It not only works wonder for your space but also lights it up like nothing else. And no matter what space you’re dealing with, good lighting can instantly add so much life to the room. And when it comes to your kitchen, it’s a space that uses more light than other rooms in your house. For starters, you would like to see clearly what you’re doing and secondly, it’s a place where you mostly spend most of your time cooking, baking, and whatnot. That’s why, your kitchen can always use the best lighting in the market and it doesn’t have to be entirely functional, a modern and stylish touch to it can help to enhance the aesthetic appeal and visual interest of your kitchen space. To help you find the best piece for your kitchen, we have rounded up a list of 4 lighting ideas that will brighten up your kitchen space.

Pendant lights

If you want to give your kitchen a very luxe yet functional vibe then pendant lighting can probably be your safest bet. This is the most versatile lighting piece you can add to the kitchen and it will work like charm for your kitchen space. These pendant lightings hang down from the ceiling and they usually consist of 1 lighting fixture which can also go beyond that. You can find these pendant lightings in a variety of finishes, styles, and designs with several different and useful features. Also, they are very easy to install which you can easily hang over Kitchen Island, counter, sink or any other corner you like. If you’ve a modern or farmhouse kitchen, then industrial style pendant will go well in that space.

Flush mount

This ceiling light is one of the most popular lighting options for kitchen space. This type of lighting doesn’t create any gap between the ceiling and the fixture. Flush mount lights are one of the most practical choices you can make for your kitchen as they are not only very easy to clean but they also don’t come in the way especially if you have a small kitchen or low ceiling. Another great feature about this lighting is, they evenly distribute the light all over the kitchen and doesn’t let any corner feel dark. You can find this flush mount lighting in various sizes and designs; pick the one that suits your need and requirement.


And just when you thought your kitchen lighting wouldn’t have got any fancier, here we are proving you wrong. Yes, kitchen chandeliers are now a thing and you can totally use them in your space to make your kitchen look fancier and grand. However, these chandeliers are not as fancy and big as you think them to be, they come in a very decent size, small enough to not look overwhelming in your kitchen space. Adding this bold piece to your kitchen will add so much drama and make it look visually more appealing. Chandeliers are a little expensive than other options and that’s quite justifiable, considering how elegant and sleek they look. You can find them in different styles, designs and sizes; look for the one that matches your style.

Track lighting

This is yet another popular kitchen light style that looks much cooler and better than those regular ones. Track lighting features multiple fixtures which can be angled in different directions to light up every corner or during times when you need your lighting to focus in just one direction only. These movable fixtures make it easy to light up any corner, making it a very practical lighting style. You can find them in different finishes and styles featuring different elements.

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