Classic furniture pieces that never really go out of style

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Classics are classic for a reason, be it your fashion wardrobe or home decor, there are always some pieces that never lose their charm and always remain in style. From canopy beds to wingback chairs, all the furniture pieces that we have listed below have and will always be an important part of history that still holds enough power to add a sense of style and aesthetic appeal to your home’s design. If you still have one of such classics in your home, you better not get rid of them. Whether you are trying to recreate a particular room design or want to incorporate some vintage/classic furniture pieces into your rooms on purpose, either way, these fundamental pieces will prove to be more practical and reliable choice as they can easily outlast all the new trends that keep changing now and then.

Wingback chairs

Wingback chairs, also popularly known as ‘wing’ chairs were first originated in 17th-century England and they were basically known more for their functionality than their stylistic looks. The design of the chair was made keeping certain things in mind. The side curves and the tall back of the chair was designed to protect the person sitting on that chair from drafts while being all curled up beside the fireplace, meaning that they were designed to be positioned right next to that corner so that the wings would encompass the heat produced from the fire. As for today, you will see these chairs in a more versatile form which is no longer seen for its functional use only. Whether you’re adding this chair to your dining table or using it for your reading nook, this piece fulfills all the needs. You can find this chair in a more stylistic version with varying designs especially when it comes to the shape and size of the wings.

Windsor chair

This is yet another English production which you still would find in a majority of homes in America. This chair served as a staple for centuries and this thing still persists, thanks to its timelessness and classic appeal. The curved silhouette and slim spindles are the main and the best features of the Windsor chair. The chair still has the same charm to it because of its elegant silhouette and simple lines. Today, you will find these chairs in a plethora of interpretations; providing the perfect frame and comfort.

Canopy beds

Canopy beds give us major vintage vibes, they have this grandeur appeal and luxe feel to them which instantly makes it feel like you have been looking at a king’s bed. While in ancient times, the canopy beds used to be more functional that literally used to be covered in ornate drapery from all corners to enclose the bed, but in today’s time, you will just see the bare frames that have nothing to do with any kind of drapery let alone the ornate ones. The sole purpose of adding these frames to your bed is to add more visual interest to the bedroom and make it look more romantic and luxurious regardless of whether you’re choosing a contemporary or traditional frame.

Louis XVI chair


Call them a masterpiece or anything you want, but Louis XVI chair is highly known for its grandeur and extreme elegance. While all the Louis chairs had different charm and gorgeousness to them, but it was the Louis XVI chair that was the most popular choice. Marked by simplicity and refinement, these chairs add a sense of royalty and undeniable grandness. These highly ornamented chairs were traded for a more classic and minimal design which featured upholstered back in round or rectangular shapes and exposed wooden frame with fluted legs.

Leather club chair

Formerly known as ‘fauteuil comfortable’ aka comfortable armchair, this design was originated from France. Its comforting look and feel are one of the reasons why this chair never really went out of style. Exuding very relaxed and classy elegance, these chairs are mostly preferred to be used in man caves, gaming rooms which instantly creates a GQ style in the space. While these chairs are mainly known for its luxe leather material but today you can find them in a variety of fabrics and upholsteries.

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