Colors That Compliment The Green Color In The House

Colors That Compliment The Green Color In The House

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Green is one of the popular colors that is used when renovating a house. It is now used a lot in the interior of the house. Green colors make the area look peaceful and fresh. Different shades of green are used to attain a different vibe from the place. There are several shades of green that are used while decorating the house such as sage green, pale green, and olive green, depending on the vibe you are going after in the house. Not only on the walls but you can also use this stunning color on furniture, upholstery, rugs, curtains, and smaller details in the house. There are so many parts of the house where you can use this color and decorate the area. While doing so you need to know about the colors that would compliment green and enhance the area.

Colors That Compliment The Green Color In The House

1: Green and gold

Green and gold are a stunning and grand combination. You can use a dark shade of green such as emerald green or just dark green. This color makes the area look lavish and sophisticated which can be paired with a metallic shade such as gold. Gold compliments this color well. If the walls of the room are of the color green then you can get the hardware in gold color, and if you are using the upholstery in the room of this color then you can go with other details in the shade golden.

2: Burnt orange and green

Jewel tones such as emerald green and other rustic tones of green pair well with the burnt and rustic shade of orange. You can use this tone of green for the sofas and chairs and can then use the burnt orange for the pillows and cushions or for a throw set to adorn the sofa. These two shades together create a beautiful, cozy environment in the room. You can use these two colors and decorate the room as you wish.

3: Cream and light green

Lighter shades of green are used to make the area feel spacious and brighter. If you want to have a spacious and airy vibe to the place then you should use light green in the room. To pair it with you can use cream or beige colors. These colors compliment the light green and make the area cool and comfortable. You can also use some natural materials such as wood in the room.

4: Oak and green

If you are decorating the room with green color and you do not want any more color to the place other than the light shades then you can look for the oak shade. Oak color simply means the shade used in the wood used for furniture. You can either use that shade for the wooden paneling on the floor or on the walls. You can use this shade when making a green color sofa or chair. This is a beautiful shade to pair up with green. These two shades make the room feel airy and natural. Keep some indoor plants in the room.

5: Green and white

One of the colors that go with every shade is white. You cannot leave white when it comes to colors that compliment green and that would make the area look better. Green and white look stunning and you can pair any shade of green with white. These two colors make the room look bright and shiny and at the same time lavish and comfortable. White is the shade that can go with all the colors and here as well it compliments green in a wonderful way.


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Green pairs well with several colors and while some of the top colors are listed here you can look for other colors as well. You need to know that the green color brings freshness and calmness to the place. The lighter shade of green is used to make the area feel calm and cozy whereas the darker shades are used to make the area feel close and luxurious. Select the right shade of green you are going for and then pair the colors mentioned above accordingly. You can style your house in a wonderful style with the help of the right color palette.

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