Cottagecore Decor Style For Your Interior

Cottagecore Decor Style For Your Interior

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This is the ideal decor style for people who do not want the maximal way of living or the hectic schedules and routines. This is the decor one style the house in if they want to have comfort and peace in the house. This decor style is all about aesthetics, ease, comfort, and the peaceful time that you can enjoy when you are home. This decor takes ideas and inspiration from the countryside and soft gardening and farming. This is also associated with the fashion style with the same name. This style has a lot of natural elements and is inclined a bit towards the minimal way of living. You can decorate your house with this stunning and soothing cottagecore and create a little sanctuary of yours where you feel at ease.

Cottagecore Decor Style

1: Use of floral wallpapers

If you are looking for ways to decorate your place in cottagecore decor then one of the easy ways is to decorate the house with floral wallpapers. As said before this takes inspiration from the cottages in the gardens and farms and thus is a lot near to nature. This style has a lot of floral and natural elements in its decor and thus when you are decorating the house with this style you need to have floral elements such as wallpapers or bedding in the place.

2: Wooden furniture around the house

As mentioned before this style is inclined toward nature and thus you would find a lot of natural products and elements here. If you want to decorate your house with this decor style you need to incorporate a lot of wooden furniture into the house, you can use wooden tables, cabinets, kitchen items such as cutting boards and drawers, bed frames and so much more. These wooden elements add to the decor and make the place feel lively and comfy.

3: Decorating the place with dried flowers

This style uses a lot of dried followers and grass and you can decorate your house with them too. These dried flowers are low maintenance and you can use them to add color and texture to the area. You can put them in a vase and place them on a table or can create a wreathe with it and decorate the wall and doors with them. You can also use dried grass and add them to the decor of the place. You can also use some aromatic dried flowers for color and to make the area feel soothing and peaceful.

4: Use of wicker baskets for storage

Instead of using plastic baskets or containers, you should use wicker baskets to keep your stuff in. these baskets have brown or earthy tones to them, adding a nice touch of color to the place and at the same time providing you with the space to store and organize your stuff. These baskets are super handy and can be moved easily and would look great with the rest of the decor.

5: Artwork related to nature

If you want to add to your house you can use some artwork and adorn the walls of your house. To decorate the house in cottage core style you need to get some nature-related artwork. You can get some paintings and some wall hanging that you can decorate your walls with and add a new element to the house. You can also go for some art pieces that you can keep on the surfaces of the house to make the house cozy and pleasant.


These are some of the things that you can use when you are decorating your house in cottagecore design and making the house cute and comfy. You can get more inspiration from several other elements such as gardens, farms, or from the fashion aesthetic to know what fabrics can you use in this decor style. This style is simple and cute and has a feminine and sweet to it. This makes the place feel amicable and pleasant. These are some of the soft and sweet elements that you can add to your interior to add touches of cottagecore decor style to the house. This is a nice decor to use if you want to have a break from your schedule and feel relaxed.

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