Creative Ways to Use Mirrors in Home Décor

Creative Ways to Use Mirrors in Home Décor

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Mirrors don’t break, they multiply. Now that your attention is undivided, let us help you choose mirrors as pieces of décor for your home or otherwise. Mirrors can be of great help when it comes to decorating a room. They are very capable of multiplying an effect to a much larger extent, because, of course, they reflect what they see. So with minimal lights too, the room can be radiant. Many times we forget that mirrors can be expansive and reflect half of the work done to finish the entire look in seconds. They are cheap and are often clean pieces of décor that can be fitted in home décor like a charm.

Creative Ways to Use Mirrors in Home Décor

Broken Mirrors

Utilize the broken pieces of a mirror by irregularly pasting the same on a plain wall canvas. It may or may not create a form to be deciphered. Jumble them enough so nothing sits anywhere yet, they make some sense while on the wall. You can use the stained ones too but the classic mirror will easily replicate the interior. You can also choose to bring all the broken pieces of a mirror together to form a faux mirror. The pieces can also be pasted on random objects of décor so they too reflect the lights.

broken mirror

Large Mirrors

Large mirrors are the vanity type because you are rarely going to be wronged by them. They are ultra-luxurious and easy to fit in. You can either:

  • Hand them top on the wall
  • Use them as dressing mirrors
  • Put them on top of large cabinets so they reflect the home accessories
  • Put them in hallways
  • Utilize in bathrooms

These ideas will help you work better with space because whatever you do, gets multiplied with half the effort and the least space. This inexpensive method can make any room grand. For the women’s common room, this is one staple you can’t miss.

large mirror

Mirrors With Embellishments

We know well that mirrors can be used creatively in many materialistic arrangements quite liberally. There are a ton of things that when combined with mirrors give a lovely outlook. Here are a few ideas to bite on:

  • Put sea shells around a round or oval mirror
  • Put vanity lights around the mirror
  • Paste pleated ropes around the mirror in layers
  • Get hold of lanterns made out of glass and mirrors so they reflect the light wildly.
  • Use mirrors in chandeliers

mirrors with embellishments

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You must have seen many shapes of the mirrors but have you ever wondered about giving it a cutting-edge look? Well, you can surely work out an idea or two. Here is one for initial help. Take out time to look at the waning and waxing moon. Don’t you think that you can bring the same effect to your home? Choose 5-7 mirrors cut in the shape of the moon with clear waning and waxing phases and hand them in order.

Creative Ways to Use Mirrors in Home Décor

These affordable ideas can revamp your room in minutes. Yes, you would need to handle them well so they don’t break. Remember that mirrors love light. The placement of lights in your room has to be planned following the placement of mirrors. These gorgeous-looking mirrors will add more radiance and brightness to your room when the sunlight fills in the room or when lights coming from candle-lit arrangement sparks joy in all of us. The look of mirror looks very rich, rather decadent to suit one’s luxurious tastes. Bring home such passionate cues of home décor!

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