Cute And Simple Ways To Set Vanity In The Bathroom

Cute And Simple Ways To Set Vanity In The Bathroom

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If you have a vanity or if you are planning on adding a vanity in the bathroom where you can style yourself up and get ready easily then this is the article for you. The vanity area of the bathroom gets messy every time you get ready because of all the products and appliances scattered. There might even be not enough space to store things or there might not be enough counter area to keep them when you are getting ready. There are so many things to consider when you set your vanity in the bathroom which not only make the bathroom look clean and organized but also provide you with a better way to work and get ready. Look at some of the simple ideas to organize the vanity.

Vanity In The Bathroom

1: Have a countertop organizer

When you are thinking of organizing your vanity to keep all the products in a particular order so that you get to use them easily and at the same time you can keep your products together in one place without making the area seems messy, you need to invest in some countertop organizers. This way you would have an area where you can keep your makeup products that can be used and kept again in their assigned area and not just lie around on the counter.

2: Use vertical space in the bathroom

There is a lot of space available near the sink vertically, you can utilize this space and set your vanity. Somethings the area near the sink is not sufficient enough to hold all the things that you need and thus you can utilize the vertical space such as near the mirror or the wall next and install shelves there that would be able to carry all the products needed. This will help set things up and at the same time use the space.

3: Add some drawers or cabinet

You can always add a drawer or two in the bathroom to add more storage area. There are so many ways you can install some drawers in the bathroom near the sink so that you can create vanity and can keep all your toiletries and products used there. This extends the storage area and makes the place look a lot better than it is. Add style and trend with the help of hardware.

4: Keep your favorites and daily wear products

You cannot keep all your products on the counter or in the drawers of the vanity in the bathroom. If you have a great collection of lipsticks and shades then you need to look for your favorite ones and the ones that you use on a daily basis. This will help you to minimize the number of products you can use and help you in keeping the ones that you would actually need. The first step to organizing things is to remove unwanted things.

5: Use other areas in the bathroom

There is not only the space near the sink or mirror that can be used to store things. You can use other areas and spaces available in the bathroom and use the space to the max while regarding that the place does not look overwhelmed and at the same time look stylish. You can use the window area and install a shelf or two there to get a space to keep things, you can use the top of the toilet and keep some of your things there are so on.


Now you know different ways in which you can style up your bathroom vanity where you can keep your makeup, skincare, hair care, styling appliances, and all the other things that you would require to style up and look amazing. These storage areas and different types of organizing things make it easier to keep things in a tidy manner and to use them when needed. You do not need to place everything on the counter, or keep things in the bedroom and then get these things in the bathroom to get ready. Vanities properly organized help you work easily and get ready and also make your bathroom look trendy and well-kept.

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