Decor tips to bear in mind while staging your deck

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As important as it is to decorate your house from inside, keeping a check on your outdoor decor is equally important. Many homeowners dream of having an outdoor patio space where they can relax and have a quiet and peaceful time while taking the beautiful view of the surroundings, while some get unlucky but some are fortunate enough to have got one with their house. Staging your deck is one of the best ways to enhance the curb appeal of your house and there can be no better way of doing it than decorating your deck. Whether your idea of decorating the patio deck is to add textures and colors to give the space a welcoming appeal or you want to give it a typical patio appearance by adding a grill and entertainment, regardless of what style you are more inclined towards, there are many other things that needs to be taken into account while decorating a deck. While decorating the space, you will have to make sure that the area looks inviting as well as safe throughout the changing seasons. To help you stage your deck to increase the curb appeal, we have listed some tips for you that you must keep in mind while decorating the space.

Make sure that the deck is clean

First things first, before you even start decorating the deck, make sure that the entire area is clean of debris or any kind of dirt. You can pressure wash the deck if the patio flooring doesn’t look cleans to you. Sweep off the debris from the deck regularly to make sure that it remains clean all the time. If you have trees that shed leaves and tend to fall on your deck then it’s better to get rid of them as the situation demands. For summers, you can look for a water sealant that will help to protect your wood deck from harsh sun rays, humidity, and rains. 

Choose the decor and furniture according to the season


The most important thing to consider while decorating the patio deck is the furniture and the decor. The geographical area your house is located in can give you an idea of what kind of furniture or decor will work for your space. For summers, which dominate most of the year, you can consider adding a pop of color and some all-weather furniture cushions or throws to soften the look of the deck. Keep changing the cushions with patterns, solid colors and different fabrics for a refreshed look. As for colder months, consider adding wicker or resin patio furniture or even wrought iron furniture to add to your patio space. They will look pretty amazing even if they are devoid of the cushions.

Soften hard spaces


If you think that the elements that work for the inside of your space can not work equally well for your deck patio then we would like to tell you that this is not true. While decorating your porch area it’s important to have the same mindset that you have for your home interiors to make the patio look more welcoming. You can easily soften the appearance of your deck by adding some decorative elements like an outdoor rug which won’t only add some character and life to space but will also make it look colorful, cheery and inviting. Some throw pillows and artwork hanging on the wall will also look pretty amazing.

Take the night look into consideration

The way your deck looks during the day is pretty much sorted but the way it looks during the night also needs your attention. Adding some outdoor lighting will work wonderfully for your patio during the night time as it won’t only be a functional choice but will also boost the visual interest of the deck and make it appear aesthetically appealing. You can choose any kind of lighting you like; either hang some lanterns or led bulb string light to create a cozy and perfect outdoor seating ambiance. 

Add a personal touch to your patio

To give your patio deck a personal touch, your creativity is what that will make it possible for you. If you are good at painting or anything related to art then you can easily DIY a few things for your outdoor space to add a personal touch to it. For instance, if you are handy with nails and hammer, you can create a swing porch for yourself from an old bed or sofa by hanging it up with chains. Doing so will instantly up the decor game of your deck and elevate the curb appeal. There are so many DIY decor ideas that will add visual interest to your space. 

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