Decorating rules to arrange your furniture in the most befitting way

Decorating Rules To Arrange Your Furniture In The Most Befitting Way

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And if you thought that arranging furniture in your space is an extremely overwhelming and tedious thing to do then believe us, you are not alone. There are so many homeowners out there who struggle quite a lot when it comes to arranging the furniture in their house. While furniture is one of the most important parts of interior design but you should know how to make the use of those pieces aptly. Figuring out the place and position of the furniture which looks equally practical and aesthetically pleasing is the most important part of this whole process. You just can’t arrange your furniture in any random order, for it to work nicely for your space, it’s important to consider all the factors and then assign them the spot which will look pleasing to the human eye. Over the years of trying, failing, and experimenting, the interiors designers have to find out some basic and simple decorating rules that are easy to apply. Follow these decorating rules to make sure that you have arranged the furniture rightly in your space.

Arrange Your Furniture In The Most Befitting Way

Choose a focal point

Choose a focal point The focal point plays a key role in the arrangement of your furniture. For the most part, the houses already come with a built-in focal point such as fireplace mantel and a large window but if your house doesn’t have one then you need not worry as you can easily create a focal point in the room by using certain elements such as artwork, media unit, and television. After you have a focal point to work with, make sure to arrange as much furniture as you can around the spot to make the room appear more practical and pleasing.

Don’t push the furniture against the walls

Don’t push the furniture against the walls We all have a very weird habit of pushing the furniture against the wall. Doing so may feel more satisfying and organized to you but even if you choose to not push the furniture against the wall, the result will be equally gorgeous and practical. The gap between the wall and the furniture solely depends on the scale of the room. The bigger the room, the more will be the gap between the wall and the furniture whereas, the smaller the room, the less the gap between the two. Contrary to popular belief, you can create a little gap between the furniture and the wall in a small space as it creates a sense of openness and airiness in the room which further makes the space appear larger.

Create a conversation area

Create a conversation area It’s very important to have a good conversation spot in the living room. Otherwise what’s the use of all those furniture pieces if you can’t have a proper conversation with someone without increasing your tone or even in some case literally shouting at the top of lungs so that the other person can hear you? Conversation areas should have a very close and personal feel to them so that people can have a normal conversation without raising their voices, therefore, you should position the sofas and chairs in a way that can allow you to converse with the person correctly. In case, you’re dealing with a large space then you can also create multiple conversation areas instead of just one.

Place a large coffee table

Place a large coffee table The bigger the coffee table is, the better it will be for your space. While some people have different thoughts about coffee table and usually pick up the simplest and smallest ones for their space, but if you want to keep things both functionally and aesthetically favorable for your space then it’s better to choose a coffee table that’s bigger in size. It not only acts as an anchor for the room but also allows the person to put their drinks as well as to display the decor items in the right manner. However, while placing the coffee table, make sure to leave enough room between itself and the chairs to ensure an easy flow of traffic.

Keep the arrangement of furniture balanced

Keep the arrangement of furniture balanced Maintaining a balance in the room is one of the most important things to consider while arranging the furniture. You should always take the size and the shape of the furniture as well as other decor pieces into consideration and then group them together to strike a perfect balance in the room. Combining furniture pieces of the same shape and sizes in one corner of the room can turn out to be a complete failure as it makes the space appear very uneven and lopsided. Therefore, always strike a balance by combing different shapes and sizes of furniture on both sides of the room.

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