Decorating The Sides Of The Pool With Some Plants

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To make the pool in your backyard more refreshing and to provide you with a tropical vibe you can add some plants to the side of the pool. These plants provide the surrounding with some fresh air, making the area vibrant with their fresh and bright green shades. They also control and create a soothing atmosphere, absorbing the heat from the sun and making sure the area is neither too hot nor too humid. But before all that you need to make sure that the plants will be safe or you would provide them with some precautions when it comes to the chlorine present in the water.

Look at some of the plants that you can plant on the poolside and create a beautiful and pleasing pool area.

1: Musa tree

Musa tree or the dwarf banana tree is one of the ideal trees for any pool landscaping. These trees grow best in a mild climate where it gets less cold. If you live where it does not get too frosty, then you can plant these Musa trees near your pool. These plants have some bright, vibrant green leaves that enhance the look of the pool and make the area fresh. But make sure to plant them near a fence or wall because the leaves can easily rip off with some strong winds.

2: Bird of paradise

This is a stunning flowing plant that can provide you with the tropical vibe you are looking for when you are planning on a poolscape. These plants can also be kept indoors as they do not shed. If you live in a moderate climatic area then you can get them and shelter them in winters and place them near the pool in summers. They grow around the same height as that of muse tree but they can withstand wind unlike them. They do not shed and can even withstand some water splashes from the pool.

3: Echeveria

If you are looking for some low-maintenance decoration near the pool then you should get some succulents and create a beautiful poolscape. These succulents do not need much water and can survive in hot weather. They are ideal for some rock garden that you can create near the pool to have those nice surroundings. You can get several different colors of this beautiful succulent and can place them with other succulents near the pool.

4: Martha Washington geraniums

Another flowering plant that you can use in the poolscape of your pool is the hybrid known as the Martha Washington geraniums. This is a stunning plant that flowers for some five to six weeks in late spring. These add some bright and vibrant colors to the surroundings contrasting the blue of the pool with its green leaves and purpler or violet flowers. It gives the tropical vibe you are looking for near the pool. The flowers in this plant look like some exotic flowers that enhance and uplift your yard.

5: Hawaiian hibiscus

If you have similar climatic conditions and can take care of the plant then go for a Hawaiian hibiscus. This is a stunning vibrant flower that provides you with the tropical vibe you are looking for to decorate the poolside and make it look pleasing and bright. They require a lot of water so make sure to take proper care of them and water them adequately. You can even use the hibiscus flower in a flower arrangement and put them in a vase to decorate the interior of the house with some fresh flowers so that the area feels peasant and refreshing.


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It is important to take proper care of the plants that you have planted in the poolside because they are prone to water splashes from the pool that contains chlorine and which can damage the plants. Plant them to some distance and provide them with proper nutrition and nourishment so that they thrive and grow healthy and beautiful. The plants mentioned in the list are some of the plants that you can use for pool landscaping. You can also look for other plants that will create the same soothing and pleasing atmosphere and provide you with tropical vibes. Enjoy pool landscaping.

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