Design A Dreamy Bathroom With Exquisite Wallpapers

Design A Dreamy Bathroom With Exquisite Wallpapers

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You do every damn thing possible to make your bathroom space look up-to-date and stylish. But many times we forget to pay attention to the most popular design choices i.e the wallpapers. It is often neglected due to its reputation of being difficult to apply and sticky. But trust us, it can make a huge design impact on your space and make it look like never before. They are now available in much more diverse designs and patterns that are quite modish and stylish. It will make your bathroom look chic in the easiest way by adding that little pop of color and print. Now if you are confused about where to start then we have listed our best ideas for you.

Best Wallpapers For Your Dreamy Bathroom

Start Small and Add Texture

Start Small and Add Texture If you are not sure that you need a wallpaper for your entire space then you can start with a small space. Try considering the top half of a powder room or even a faux backsplash can be a nice spot, to begin with. Now after you have considered the space, the next thing to decide is how to beautifully decorate it with color. Apart from the classic option of adding paint, you have a more playful look by having a textured wallpaper. It can have anything from a silky floral pattern to a fake wood appearance.

Outline a Vanity

Outline a Vanity It is not certain that you would have to have a vanity space in your bathroom. But if you are that lucky one who does have that perfect area, then nothing could be better to wallpaper it. Create a perfect mixture of white cabinetry with a bamboo stool and a soft tan wallpaper creating a nice setup for your morning makeup routine.

Be Bold

Be Bold In case, you are a person who loves to keep it simple and so have kept your bathroom decor in the classic black and white palette, then we have a nice piece of advice for you. Incorporate that missing pop of color by adding a wallpaper that creates a unique style statement. It is one of those methods that help you incorporate maximum style and that too with minimal effort. Try to use wallpaper with peel-and-stick technology only covering the top third of the wall.

Cover Countertops too

Cover Countertops too If you are looking to add a luxurious touch to your space, it is not essential that you have to spend big bucks on it. Even if you are on a budget, you can have a very well designed bathroom space. Start with the countertops by covering them with marble contact paper to create a shiny new surface. Then, comes the turn of the lighting fixtures. Install sconces and chandeliers, they will give it a more rich and elegant look. And lastly, opt for a scalloped wallpaper treatment to create a look like that of an upscale restaurant.

Add some whimsy

Add some whimsy Bring a fresh design into your space by bringing some bold colors to it. Nothing can make your place fun and playful than the colors. So be daring and try to incorporate colors like lemon-yellow and vivid orange that add joyfulness and make the experience of getting ready more blissful. Generally, they are associated with kitchen walls, but there is nothing wrong if you bring them into your bathroom.

Go for Zen

Go for Zen Which is the most calming color you can bring in your space? Certainly, blue. So try adding a soft shade of blue-gray with the help of a nice wallpaper. It will also give you that oomph you might have been probably looking for. Coordinate with the overall look by having a few plants, minimal accessories. It will create that smooth and soothing look you would have ever wanted.

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