Design A Formal Living Space With These Tips

Design A Formal Living Space With These Tips

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What do you exactly mean by a formal living room? It is one of those places that most of the children are not fond of. These “adult-only” rooms that were only used by the grandparents or parents including their friends, were generally occupied by fragile accent pieces, lots of upholstery, plastic protected sofas and white carpeting. Only a few of these spaces gave comfort to anyone. They were mostly like showpieces that were used as something the guests would adore. It is due to this reason that formal living rooms were often considered as the wasted space of our homes. A survey that was conducted said that very little time was spent by people here as compared to other rooms.

Now as we talk of formal living rooms, they don’t have to formal. Here are some expert tips we are going to offer you to beautifully design your formal living space.

Design a Formal Living Space

Update the Art

Update the Art Do you know art can create a huge impact on your living space and that too in the most effortless way? It can change the tone of the space by displaying impactful art that you can interchange with changing seasons. You can also create a beautiful contrast if your furniture is on the traditional side and art is more on the contemporary side. It will help you add that nice youthful taste.

Consider Function

Consider Function Whenever you design a space you have to consider its functionality. And you know what is the key element of functionality when it comes to living room spaces? It is to make an entertaining space for your guests and that too in a formal setting. The recent year trends are showcasing a more casual look than the former trends. And functionality is being considered as its most important part. Living space is an important part of the house that serves you with multiple purposes. It is required for creating a setup that provides lounging, entertaining guests and even dining. The place should be casual and formal yet inviting at the same time.

Strategize your seating arrangement

Strategize your seating arrangement Do you know why are we ultimately designing a living room for our house? Its purpose is to gather friends and family to socialize. And for that, we require a proper and well-organized seating arrangement. So your furniture should be kept in such a way that it encourages people to have conversations. You can do so by fixing four chairs with a center table or ottoman and with two sofas facing each other.

Location Matters

Location Matters We have to previously decide on the location of each room of our house. Like one of the innovative ways is to have a living room in the frontal part of the house with other rooms completely sectioned off. We would suggest you keep the living room in such a space that you completely locate it off the active space of your house. And in case you keep your kitchen adjacent to your living room, your whole space will feel connected and it would allow a free flow of conversation.

Avoid Matching Decor

Avoid Matching Decor A piece of expert advice we would like to give you. Don’t ever try to keep your formal living room decor matching with its furniture pieces. Imagine how would a room of chairs, sofas and coffee tables look when purchased in a single color set? Boring, monotonous, obviously. So it is better you mix and match styles and then put up all the decor and furniture for a nice aesthetic look. Create a variety by adding mix colors, style, and textures. 

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