Design The Small Laundry Room With Creativity

Design The Small Laundry Room With Creativity

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Owning a home that is functional for family living is a must, therefore you need a laundry room at home. However, sparing a larger section of home just for laundry doesn’t feel right as we don’t even use this place often and it’s just 10 minutes or lesser, we spend in here during a week. Although, keeping it organized it most important as you don’t want to feel like just clutter in one room, therefore, here are a few tips that will help you plan the basic layout of your laundry. Making washing a little fun, here are the things you need.

Best Creative Ideas For Small Laundry Room


Baskets The foremost necessity to make this place look organized, we have so many different washing materials of various brands, and the packing kept in open looks like clutter. Therefore you need to get some baskets not only to keep the worn-out clothes but the washing supplies as well. There are lots of organic look baskets, some are made of jute and bamboo stick. They are structured and non-structured, so you can go for the structured one to keep supplies and non-structured to keep your clothes. You can skip the second ones if you have laundry sorters.

Retractable Clotheslines

Retractable Clotheslines This is another important feature of an organized laundry room. Installing inside clothesline in the room, itself gives you a chance of hanging your clothes that you want to dry naturally. Sometimes when weather is harsh like a monsoon or sunny summer which fades most of the bright color. Drying off your clothes inside is the best solution. Get these and don’t worry about your clothes getting wet or faded outside.

Front Load

Front Load Getting front load drier and washer will help you gain some extra low shelves. When we get top loads we need space above them to open the lid. However, with front loads, you can add two shelves at your arm’s distance. You don’t have to install a super high shelf making you climb the ladder to reach. However, you have already bought top load or you are comfortable with the results of top load and do not want to invest in the front load then you must keep a ladder in this area, which will make you access that shelf easily. We do need a ladder in cleaning the higher shelves in the home so it will prove to be a worthy investment.

Chalk Board

Chalk Board If you are sharing the laundry duty with a partner or roommate then, you need to have a chalkboard. On it, you can always write the instructions on how you want the clothes to be washed or if you don’t want it to be dried in the drier. It can be a reminder to you as well, in case you forget about the particular piece in your laundry. If you are the only one who does laundry then you can use this chalkboard to bring some style into the room.

Lint Bin and Holders

Lint Bin and Holders Now, most of us have that after wash leftover lint, which gradually ends up on the floor making it dirty. So keeping a bin nearby and DIY it with some spray paint if you like, there are printed made by various online sellers. You can get the jars for your fabric softer or liquid washer add the following to them, and using the printed labels just attach them on their respective jars.
We keep our mop and broom in this area of the house. If they remain on the floor they get in the way and don’t seem good at all. There are mop and broom holders, which could be used to just hang these from their stick. They will stick to the wall and looks organized.
Finally, you can add some plants or a painting to this area if you are decorating, but most of us want this area to be organized and tidy not decorated.

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