Design Your Master Bedroom With Refreshing Vibe

Design Your Master Bedroom With Refreshing Vibe

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After a long tiresome day at the job or the boutique, every person desires to come home relax for a bit. What’s better than changing and hitting the bed to straight up the back? However, if the room isn’t vibrant and welcoming you lose the feeling, and rather than going to the bedroom, you lie down in the living room itself. This makes that front room more clutter and definitely increases the cleaning work for you. Therefore we have brought you some the breathtaking ideas that once you have incorporated into your bedroom, you will just love the vibe of it.

Design Your Bedroom With These Tips

Wall color

Wall color Bedroom wall colors should never be too bright, it’s a nice relaxing corner and you don’t want too much going on with colors there. So you can add some neutral shades to this room such as white, creamy, grayish, etc. Get the one that suits your vibe. Now, if you have a small bedroom then painting the walls white can do wonders. You can plan different color or wallpaper for an accent wall, or leave it in a similar color as the rest because furniture makes the difference.


Furniture Having too much storage space gives your room a stuffy look. What you need in the bedroom is if you are a couple, two wardrobes otherwise one can work just fine and two side tables. Now, if you feel like the wardrobes are less space then, there are inbuilt bed shelves, which give your space for storage and display. You can keep the use of the upper shelves as cloth hanging space and use lower drawers to carry your small stuff. If you like lamps than you can place them like usual or go for a wall attached lamps such as scones. There are rotational lamps as well, get the one that suits your need.

Bed Side Rug

Bed Side Rug Some people like to keep a big rug which covers the whole room. But if you are not into 100% coverage you can go for the vertical bedside rugs. These are really small and movable. So you can just take them out clean them and place it again. This is good for hygiene as well. Go for a similar rug on both sides and since you have kept the wall colors neutral bring some color with these such as a pale yellow. The bedding and the rug color could also be similar, so you can make a contrast or similar as you like.


Curtains We all have a window or windows in the master bedroom. So if you have windows then, you can go for drape curtains, these look cool. If there is too much sunlight in the room then, you might like to go for shades or blinds behind the curtains. Never go for just blinds, they do not give you home a homey feeling. These are office use, don’t you agree. How do you feel about blinds? Keeping a single tone curtain looks chic and forever trendy. Thus, if you go for patterns then you will certainly grow old of the pattern within a year. Singles give elegant charm to the room.

Wall Art

Wall Art The bedroom is a personal space so you can play around wall decor in this scenario. You can go for things like sceneries, or get a photo shot of you and your family so that you will just love them more and think of them before going to bed, and thank the Lord for having them in your life. Other than that you can go for painting or self-made canvas DIY which will inspire and cheer in the lows of life. The must-have piece in the bedroom is a wall clock; make sure that it’s a soundproof clock as you don’t want your peaceful sleep to break in the middle to the night.
Lastly, we have decoration you can go for something vintage and authentic such as candle stand or table clock, even modern scented candles.

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