Different Kinds of Fireplaces You Can Choose From

Different Kinds of Fireplaces You Can Choose From

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Cooler weather means using different kinds of fireplaces more often. It means to feel the warmth, and have a lovely time together with your family. This is one of the best elements of decor that you can add to your house that would not only provide you with warmth and make the surroundings comfortable but would also provide a nice element that would elevate the entire look of the room. You can have it in the living room, bedroom, outside in the backyard, and all the other places in the house. Even if fireplaces are versatile to decorate they can be a bit confusing to select as there are so many, thus why not look at the top five to ease out the task?

Here are the different kinds of fireplaces you can choose from.


1: Electric

An electric fireplace is used in modern designs nowadays. These do not use any kind of log and there is no real fire. The heat is made with the heating coils that work on electricity and they have a fan that would provide the heat throughout the room. They look super stunning with little flames glowing and providing heat. You can also use this to create a fake ambiance without much warmth by switching off the heating effect and keeping the flames on.


2: Gas-Powered

This one is effective and cost-efficient. Here it uses gas instead of wood or electricity. As the pipe provides the gas for the fireplace, this might need to have a chimney in the house. There are so many different designs of fireplaces you can go to, with a gas fireplace. You might even go for a ventless model where you do not need a vent to emit contaminants. You need to get this installed if you choose a propane gas fireplace if not then you can just use your gas pipe to set up a fireplace.


3: Wood-Based

The old traditional kind uses wooden logs to light a fire and adds warmth to the area. These are the type of fireplaces that are used for thousands of years and they can be used in your house. You can create a fireplace that would use logs of wood to light up and make the room feel cozy. This adds a homely and cozy vibe to the place. This can be a bit costly as you need to keep up with the wood and clean the fireplace every once in a while.


4: Tabletop

You would need to assign a specific area to the fireplace for this one, and build a chimney or so. You can simply get this kind of one and place it in the room. There is one in the middle of the table with small flames and heat coming out of it. It is a great one that you can use in a small room where you would want to have some warmth and comfort.


5: Hanging

If you want to have a cozy little corner in the room then you can go for a hanging fireplace that would be attached to the ceiling and would hang but not touch the ground. This is unique as it uses a small amount of fuel and is used usually in bedrooms or in small rooms where you want to make the place cozier. You can use wood for this kind of fireplace.


This list would have made you understand different types and how can you use them. Where can you use them and what style would they work best with? These would make a great piece of addition to any room that is used for gathering, adding more to the ambiance of the room and making it cozier. There are so many other kinds available in the market, having a kind for every decor style making it easy to select one for the room. Just keep in mind some factors when you are selecting the right fireplace so that you end up selecting the right kind, look at the list when choosing.

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