Different Rug Types For Different Interiors

Different Rug Types For Different Interiors

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Rugs are one wonderful addition to home décor because the many faces of flooring and floor aesthetics come from rugs easily. Different rug types serve a different purpose. They are quite helpful in bringing more richness to a décor setup. You would be happy to have something to step on that is comforting and not too cold like stone or marble flooring does to you. The best of the rugs are drawn mindfully keeping how the room has been made to show a particular concept. Going modern or medieval, options are plenty to choose from. Now let us see what kinds you can buy for your home. Savor these ideas!

Have a look at the different rug types for different interiors.


  1. Natural Fiber Rugs

Natural fibers can be utilized well to make the environment much lighter and fresher. The natural color of the rugs can help bring the natural essence into the room. For example, if you fancy a fresh-looking living space that has more sunlight coming in and has lively plant leaves moving nearby, then this kind of rug would be the most suitable. They are inexpensive and can be well done at home too. They are often easily washable too.

natural fiber


  1. Cotton Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are famous for their beautiful designs and rich colors. They are specifically drawn to make the rooms feel richer and more ethnic. They can be made in cotton, wool, or silk depending on how well you can maintain them. The cotton ones are easier to clean and highly absorbent opposite to the synthetic ones. The deeper colors and finer textures, if they interest you, can be found in this category of rugs. The only condition is that you have to handle them nicely and leave them trouble-free.

They are the easiest to accommodate out of all the rug types.

cotton oriental


  1. Silk Persian Rugs

Persian rugs could be expensive but they are the best ones we have got in the market. You would probably have to get them exported or go there and bring one yourself of your choice. Silk rugs are much smoother and shinier so you can consider placing them in the drawing space or at other spots where they can’t be disturbed often. You can become an instant fan of the various fine designs that are seen in Persian rugs.

Silk Persian Rugs

See how different rug types can be used in your home sweet home?

  1. Chic Polyester Rugs

Polyester rugs, though a little on the rougher side compared to the others so mentioned, can be produced in great quantities through machines. Talking about the designs, there are many thousands you can choose from according to your modern set up like Scandinavian, Modern, or Classic décor styles. They are much chic because they target the décor style right in the core. Polyester rugs are very familiar. They can be plain or fluffed up.

synthethic rugs


  1. Synthetic Patterned Rugs

Patterned rugs are the best rugs aesthetically but are quite specific in their approach. A lot of us get confused with the patterns because the designs have no limit. They can come synthetic with accurate patterns drawn over but finding the right pattern for your room is quite a task. Patterned rugs are great for being the center of attraction and can be very astounding in their overall look.

Synthetic Patterned Rugs



Rugs are also effective in keeping the place clean because it catches dirt off your feet, catch the food items that you drop, and also the untimely hair that swirls here and there. They can bring more colors to the plain, dull, and unexciting flooring, or make it more interesting with a vivid influx of unique blends of colors. If you find the utility useful enough and think that it can bring some impact to your room, you can consider buying one or two with an overflowing element of antique touch because they are often universally pairable.

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