Different Ways To Use The Color Of The Year Inside The House

Different Ways To Use The Color Of The Year Inside The House

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This year the color of the year is the stunning and soothing color known as very peri. This color is a shade of purple, creating a fun and vibrant aura wherever this color is used. This color is vibrant and energetic along with being versatile. You can use this color anywhere inside the house and decorate your place with this stunning color. This color is not only used for painting the walls but can also be used in other areas of the house to make them look stunning and trendy. This color brings such positive energy and a vibrant aura to the place. You can use this color in decorating your house and make your house look wonderful.

Here are some of the ways you can use this color of the year while decorating the interior of your house.

1: Painting the walls

One of the best ways to add color to the house and its interior is by painting the walls. You can paint the walls of your house in this stunning color. You can either paint all the walls or can select one wall and create it into a statement wall that can be decorated with this beautiful color of the year. You can also use some wallpaper to add more patterns and prints to the room.

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2: Painted Furniture in the house

Many people customize their furniture and make it work with the theme they are going in the room by painting them. You too can do that if you want to add some new color to the area. You can paint your furniture such as the console table, cabinets, and others in this cute color of the year. Very peri color brings vibrance to the area and makes the area look nice and beautiful. You can paint your desired furniture with this cute and pretty color, adding some color to the place.

3: Curtains

Another way you can use the color in the house is by getting the curtains in this color. This is a soothing color that provides you with peace and ease and thus you can use this color as the one for your curtains. Curtains of this color with bring energy to the room and make the area vibrant and fun. This also adds color to your room making the room look bright and colorful.

4: Sofa covers/upholstery

Sofas and upholstery are also interior items that add new prints and color to the place. You can get some upholstery in this color and set up a nice sofa in the house. These sofas will brighten up the area. You can pair some stunning cushions of either lighter shades for a monochromatic look or can go for some contrasting colors to create a beautiful look such as white, oink, pastel colors, and so on. This color makes the area look luxe and thus the upholstery in this color uplift the area and makes the room look grand and luxurious.

5: Bedsheets/bed linens

You can also use this color and get some bedsheets of this color. You can get some bed sheets, pillows, blankets, a throw set, and all the things you need in decorating your bed in this stunning shade called very peri. This color of the year looks stunning and makes the room look luxurious and grand and at the same time provides a soothing and peaceful aura. You decorate the room in this beautiful color as much as you want to and have a luxe, stunning room.


This is called the color of the year for some reasons and it is proving its worth now and then. There are so many products that you can use in the decor of the house in this stunning color called very peri. This stunning shade of purple makes everything lavish and grand. Apart from the things mentioned in the list you can also choose this color when decorating other parts of the house or when choosing things for the interior of the house. You can style the house with this stunning and lavish color as much as you want.

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