DIY wall decor ideas to beautify your home

DIY Wall Decor Ideas To Beautify Your Home

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Walls are an important part of any room. Hence, they should be put to use very carefully and smartly to make the most of it in the most appealing and beautiful way. With so many options available in the market today, it isn’t really that hard to put your bare walls to use and enhance the aesthetic appeal and the overall appearance of your room. A room that is devoid of any kind of decoration or wall art isn’t something that does any good to your home interior. Instead, it only brings down the overall appearance of your house. However, may be due to some tight budget or not being able to spend a fortune on decor pieces makes people not to buy decor stuff for their home, and the rooms often end up looking all plain, dull, and mundane. But fret not, we have got you covered. You don’t need to spend your money to get some good decor items for your home; instead, by repurposing a few items that you may already have at your home, you yourself can turn into interior designer and beautify your home like nothing else. We have listed a few creative and inspiring DIY wall decor ideas that will boost the overall appearance of your room in just a few seconds.

Wall decor ideas

Display your children’s art

Display your children's art

The best way to put your walls to use is by displaying the collection of your kid’s best masterpieces and displaying them with pride. This way, you won’t have to spend extra bucks into buying some art, photographs, and designs from the stores. This way of decorating your walls is a win-win situation; it won’t only make your kids happy but will also give your room a very personal and welcoming touch. You can put the pictures in beautiful and modern frames and arrange them in the floor to ceiling manner for a classic look.

Hang fabric on the wall

Hang fabric on the wall

This is a quirky yet striking way of putting the walls to use. Hanging a beautiful and textured piece of fabric to the wall instantly adds a very charming and artsy feel to the room. You can easily use an old rug, a quilt, or even a scarf for that matter that you haven’t been using and are only collecting all the dust from lying around in one corner of your house. Depending on how huge and impactful you want it to look, you can modify the fabric as per your preference and then hang it carefully using a wooden log to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the DIY wall art.

Display your hat collection

Display your hat collection

This decor idea can be labeled as a really smart and clever way of putting your walls to use. Hanging all your hats on the wall won’t only help you with storage space, but it will also act as a great wall decor, which will help to add more dimension and depth to the room, making the room appear more chic and trendy. You can arrange the hats in a symmetrical or random manner, do it in a way that feels the best to you.

Get creative with flowers

Get creative with flowers

For that girly and super cute feel, consider adding some beautiful flowers to the walls of your room. They don’t have to be real flowers, fake flowers made out of paper or any other material will be great to be used for decoration purpose. You can hang them anywhere on the wall, it can either be on the opposite wall of your bed, or it can act as your headboard by hanging different strings or layers of flowers vertically on the wall. You can get a little creative with flowers and make some beautiful hangings with it to fill up the bare walls of your room.

Add a pegboard

Add a pegboard A pegboard can be used anywhere in the house. Be it your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or living room; you can literally add it anywhere. And that’s not just it; pegboards add a certain appeal and definition to the wall and make things more prominent and striking. You can easily customize it as per your liking and preference. Basically, pegboards are a perfect wall treatment that can be used as shelves to hold art and even to hang your purses or jewelry. The pegboard is really easy to create; you can follow any tutorial to get the hang of making a perfect pegboard for your house.




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