Expert tips to follow while decorating a small space

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Decorating a small space doesn’t always have to be a headache. As long as you’re bearing a few things in your mind, there’s nothing that can stop you from achieving the space of your dreams. However, some people inadvertently end up flouting those decor rules which in return results in their home looking smaller than it actually was which is not something they had wished for. Even the tiniest of things can work negatively for small spaces, which is why when it comes to decor, everyone homeowner should be very careful and considerate with their choices so that they can do justice to their small space and if not bigger, they can at least keep their space looking the same size it originally was. Yes, that’s a big task to do. But there’s nothing you should be worried about as it’s just a matter of following certain decor rules and you will be good to go. Change your don’ts into do’s and get one step closer to making your space appear bigger than it actually is.
We have listed a few expert tips for you that will make decorating your tiny space a lot easier.

Don’t add too many patterns at one time

Well, we understand that you want to add more depth and character into the room but that doesn’t mean that you will overwhelm the space by adding all different patterns at once. This can easily make the space appear cramped like it is literally begging for some oxygen. While mixing different patterns add visual interest to space but when it comes to a small home, these mixing of patterns won’t work favorably. Instead, add just one bold pattern and make it the focal point for the room and let it do all the talking. You can keep the rest of the decor very minimal and in muted tones to keep the room looking spacious.

Don’t purchase an oversized sofa

This is one of the most common mistakes to make in a small space. Adding an oversized sofa into the room may provide additional seating space for you but it will end up making the room appear small and cluttered. Instead of getting one of those huge sofas, you can opt for furniture with clean lines, slim profiles and in a decent shape and size so that you can have space that feels both light and airy.

Don’t ignore sconces

Wall sconces can be a life savior for a lot of reasons. They not only work as a decorative and functional element in the space but they also are a great alternative to those table lamps that acquire a lot of space on the nightstands in the bedroom. And that can easily make your space appear cluttered and a lot smaller. But when you have sconces by your side, you won’t have to worry about any of that. This small change can make a huge difference to the way your space appears and make it a whole lot functional and freer.

Don’t push furniture against the wall

There’s always a right way of doing things. And when it comes to small spaces, the décor tricks to make your space look bigger and spacious always works. Furniture can easily make any space look very busy and cluttered. An easy way to deal with this problem is, instead of shoving the furniture against the wall; keep a little distance between the two. This will make the space look more airy and spacious without looking awkward from any corner.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold colors

Small spaces have always been associated with light and neutral color palette. While they do work favorably for the space but that doesn’t mean experimenting with bold colors can make the room look smaller, but this surely can happen if you aren’t careful with a few things. There’s a trick to use bold colors in a small room and that trick is to keep things in symmetry by keeping the color scheme monochromatic. In order to keep things from looking too overpowering, team up the ongoing decor scheme with something unexpected in a completely different shade to keep things in harmony.

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