Fun and refreshing ideas to have a hotel style bedding

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Who would not want to have a luxury style bed in his room that gives a hotel-like feel? Not a single person would say ‘No’ to this. Of course, you would not get all the extravagant facilities a hotel room offer but if you get a bed only that gives you such a feel, it wouldn’t be bad at all. In fact, it would be the most awesome thing. Have a nice cozy bed with a duvet and crisp sheets that would be so comfy that it would give you a feeling out of this world. Some hotel beds are so mushy that it feels like you are sleeping on an actual cloud. But when it comes to our home it is quite difficult to create a cloud-like feel. Do you even know why hotel-like beds are so ridiculously comfortable? This is because a traveler always looks for an incredible sleep experience on a vacation. So the hotel-owners do every possible thing to give their guests a wonderful experience. We are listing below some tips that would help you give your room a hotel-like feel.

Start With a Cozy Mattress 

We always say this. The biggest investment you can make for your room is a great mattress. We spend most of the time in our room on our cozy beds. It is the best place to catch up on our favorite TV shows or read our favorite book. So if we are making a nice investment in it, then why not have a mattress worthy of a five-star hotel? Our mattresses should be such that it guarantees you a good night’s sleep at the end of a tiresome day. It must include goose feathers and memory foam. In case you already have a plush mattress and you don’t want to replace it then you can even decide on adding a mattress topper.

Pile on the Pillows

To have a pile of pillows is one of those awesome ideas to give your bed a cozy and comfortable feel. Of course, it will create a soothing and cozy vibe to your place but also give your neck and head the support they need. Try to incorporate two to four pillows along with a few decorative ones, it will surely give your bed a feel like that of a five-star hotel. You can even accessorize the pile of pillows with the help of some exquisite shams.

Wow With White

You might have stayed at various luxurious hotels. Whether it is scarfing down sushi in Kyoto or a living la vie en rose in Paris, there is a high chance that they would have been filled with boast crisp white sheets. There is something that is unique to them and makes your bed feel like a luxurious five-star hotel bed. Try accessorizing them with printed throw pillows if you can’t go out of your bold, maximalist ways. But do remember these white sheets require high maintenance, so do invest in a good stain remover.

Accessorize With a Nightstand

As you have checked every other thing on your list, finally comes the turn of the impressive nightstands that would help create a unique style statement. It will help to give your bedroom a hotel-like ambiance and also make your bed and sleep experience a pleasant one. You can place your nighttime essentials on the nightstand that would also act as an accent for the room at the same time. Try to keep it clean from clutter and organized. In case, you have enough space, then try putting a vase of flowers on it for a luxurious touch.

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