Get Some Ideas To Organize The Studio Kitchen Space

Get Some Ideas To Organize The Studio Kitchen Space

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Being a bachelor during college really calls for a personal studio apartment. The sad thing about them is we really don’t get a separate kitchen area although we do get a counter and cabinet along the wall. Maybe if you are lucky you will find a sperate kitchen area. As college life is all about friends coming over, so what could be done in this case when you literally cannot compromise your living room or bedroom space for the kitchen? Therefore today we will be bringing you some of these amazing budget-friendly ideas that will be great to organize your kitchen area.

Magazine Holder

We all know how you will not find an area to store your pantry thus the magazine holders will be your storage spaces. You can keep your fruits or your coffee powder, flakes, baking powder, etc. all your groceries can be safely kept in here. Maybe if you are left with some empty top of bottom shelves depends on how you have placed it. These shelves could be used to keep some of your books or your magazines as you like. If you like the idea then you can DIY it as well so that it doesn’t really seem like a magazine holder. Get a fabric and stick it with the help of a hot glue gun. You can attach some faux flowers to it just to add some glam.

Pot Hanging Rack

You can find a rack and some S shape hooks. Firstly you need to mount the rack on one of the kitchen walls and hang these S hooks on it. Now that we have our rack, use it to hang some utensils. You can take a single line rack or 4-5 lines rack depending upon how much utensils you posses. You can easily find these two in a hardware store and could be used not only in the kitchen area but in the living room extra to hang some beautiful art pieces. It depends on your designing skills in the end.

Faux Succulents

The kitchen is the place where you are going to cook, you will definitely not have time to take care of real plants thus getting some faux succulents will be the things to do. Remember it’s not only about organizing it is about decorating as well. You must, must decorate every single portion of the apartment just to make it look homier. You cannot find faux succulents go for plants. Not enough space for plants, go for a framework. There are loads of natural inspirational kitchen art. Take a print out and add it to a frame simple and easy.


We usually don’t find burners in there, but you will get an oven or micro and a sink. So you need to keep it simple and clean, having excessive things on the counter will look bad. You can keep your toaster and coffee makers always on the shelf. Owning a chopping board is a must for you. Now you might want to be low on utensils as keeping loads of mugs will not be righteous for you. You can always keep half a dozen mugs plates and bowls. These are sufficient enough for you. you can go over if you have top and bottom cabinet storage.

Top Cabinets

We do get the bottom cabinets in most of the studio apartments but finding the upper one is quite hard. You can have open shelves which again need to be designed in order to look organized and sophisticated. If you have got open shelves it’s great otherwise you need to install some on your own. Adding shelves will add some storage space for you. You can keep the bowls or utensils that cannot be hung on the rack. You can add some fresh kitchen herbs if you have some natural light coming over and you can water them regularly as herbs don’t require water every day.

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