Give your Bathroom a Necessary Makeover in a Rented Space

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Old, outdated and cramped bathroom can be a deal-breaker for anyone especially if you are someone who is living in a rented place but you can’t really do anything about it since you cannot do many changes to the way your bathroom looks. Luckily, there are so many other ways of doing your bathroom without offending the owner of this place and that is beyond painting the walls. You won’t have to feel sad or awful with the way your bathroom looks anymore as we have got you covered by listing some of the amazing makeover ideas that will transform your bathroom into looking no less than a modern space in your house.

Bathroom a Necessary Makeover in a Rented Space

Use vinyl wallpapers

You will no longer have to worry about ruining the walls of your bathroom with paints when you can easily use vinyl wallpapers to the wall to add some life to the bathroom space. While painting the walls creates a huge difference in the way your bathroom appears, but since you are not really allowed to color paint the walls (unless your landlord has given the permission), there can be no better options than using easily removable wallpapers to do the trick for you. You can easily get creative with your bathroom space and use vinyl wallpaper of your choice to add extra punch and textures. Look for wallpapers that can stand up to the moisture as they work best in the bathrooms.

Add some life and color to bathroom with plants

There’s no hidden fact that plants can work wonders for your space and when you have got the right reasons, you shouldn’t ignore the possibility, in fact, make the better use of them. If you thought that you can not put some plants in your bathroom then you were wrong all this while. There can be no better way to add extra punch and life to your bathroom than adding some luscious green plants. Look for plants that are best suited for the bathroom’s environment. Doing so will add colors and texture to the bathroom space.

Swap your bath mat with a real rug

We have come a long way and so has the interior designing. Simply swapping your bath mat for a colorful and vibrant rug will make a good difference in the way your bathroom space appears. This might be a small change but it definitely holds the tendency to turn your drab bathroom into a fab one in no time. To make your bathroom feel newer and colorful, ditching your bath mat for a real rug is probably the easiest way to make a change.

Add some art to the walls

Artwork is not only confined to the bedrooms and living rooms, they can also be used in bathrooms without looking weird or out of place. To add some drama and visual interest to your bathroom space, you can make use of some artwork to hang on the walls. Using some eye-catching pieces will work wonderfully for your small and less appealing bathroom space as it will help in attracting the viewer’s attention. Boldly colored paintings can be the best way to make use of the artwork.

Shelves to the rescue

Call them for their practicality or the ability to transform any boring space, installing some shelves on the bathroom walls can easily be one of the best things you can do in that space. This is not only the easiest way to spruce up the bathroom space but also provides some extra storage space to hold all the bathroom essentials without looking odd or weirdly placed. Floating shelves installed on the empty wall of the bathroom space will make such a huge difference in the way your bathroom looks. Whether you choose to use those shelves for holding bathroom essentials or some plants, either way, these shelves will be put to good use only.

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