Give Your Home A Spring Feel with Easter Decor

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Bunnies, the cute little creatures that can make you feel cheerful and happy. Did you know a fun fact about bunnies or hares? They are the symbol of fertility Goddess ‘Ostara’ and since, Easter’s celebration takes place around the spring where the hares, the eggs reproduce and bring new lives to earth, thus they became a part of Easter. Alongside the Christians use to celebrate Easter during this time, where they use to prepare loads of food, thus the candies became the part of the celebration. Now, that you know the facts, let’s learn how to decorate your home with these celebration items.


Fireplace is an interesting cozy corner at one’s place, most of the people have an in-built fireplace in their living room. This is the place where most of your guests lie down after or before meal drinks. Decorating mantle seems to be a great idea; there either you can place a wreath with multiple eggs or place a decoration set of candle stands of various lengths, you can place some decorative lights at the corner of the fireplace, but keeps a fine distance. Adding some flower vase to the corners can be a pleasing look. Adding are some egg decorations that would illuminate your room.

Dinner table

Having a decorated dinner table on an Easter evening adds up to the feel of holidays, so here a thought on what can be done add a rectangular table cloth and place your objects on it. Now, you need to leave some space for the food but, if you have a table for 6 or 8 then you have plenty of space on your hands. So you can add some colorful fresh flowers to the center, take a big pot and place a bunny in the center, at the side apply some fake bushes and add some flowers and eggs to it. Adding chocolate eggs depends on you. Placing a jar filled with candies and chocolates will be the traditional Easter thing to do. Now there are so adorable Bunny objects during the season in the market. Explore and get some for your home.


Every one of us has windows in the rooms. Place some cute bunny showpieces on the windows mantle. Put some decorative lights maybe, you can shape them in an egg of bunny form. Why not try to write with light ‘He Is Risen’. Furthermore, there are lights that come in a formation of bunny and egg grab one of those, they look beautiful. Place some stickers on the windows or even add frills to it. You can do some DIY with the help of kids, involve them in the task or making flowers and leaves or even bunny. Stick these to windows refrigerator.

Front door

Add on some color to the front door, after all, it’s about to be Easter. Get your lovely home door a beautiful wreath and place it to the center. Let the neighbors see your excitement for the festival celebrations. Add on some frills with eggs and Easter bunny to all the three corners of the door. Placing a cross could spread positivity. You can add on ‘Happy Easter’ hanging frills to the door as well.

Living room

Living room is the place where all of and your friends gather in the first place, the place you exchange gifts and sit for drinks. There are two objects you need in the living room is a table to keep the gifts and a minibar. You can arrange a small portable walking bar; the ones you see in those luxurious restaurants add some good wine to it and ready to pose cheers with friends. To this small bar, you can add a cute bunny vase and a tray to keep some wine glasses. Keeping a small basket filled with candies on this will look great. You are set to enjoy an evening of good food in the company of friends and family.

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