Houseplants To Introduce Inside The House This Summer

Houseplants To Introduce Inside The House This Summer

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With the changing seasons, it is important to keep up with them not only with your clothes but also with the interior of the house. With the change in season, you need to make your house feel the change too. You can do that by changing some of the interiors of the house or can do by changing or adding some summer or spring-related indoor plants. These plants provide freshness and color to the area thus indicating the arrival of a new and fresh season. These houseplants can be kept near the window inside the house and can provide you with fresh and vibrant colors and the air around the area.

Here are some of the houseplants that you can get this season and decorate your house with.

1: Peace lily

Peace lilies are easy to maintain and take care of. Unlike many summer plants that require a lot of water and care, these plants are easy to take care of and do not require much water. If you plant it in a big pot with a lot of seeds, then you get yourself a 5 to 6 feet tall plant with stunning blooming flowers, but if you plant it in a small pot with fewer seeds then you can get yourself a cute little table plant. These white lilies with contrasting green leaves create a stunning view inside the house.

2: African Violets

Another easy-to-maintain indoor plant is African Violets. These plants are sweet and pretty. They bloom several times a year and you can easily keep them inside the house. These plants require an average amount of water and you can keep these stunning violets near a window and let them bloom. Make sure to not put water on the leaves as then they have some brown spots on them that do not look good.

3: Hibiscus

This plant is used to add a tropical vibe to the area and to make the room feel vibrant and summer-like. These petals can range from being white to pink to orange and red thus adding new bright colors to the place. These plants are must-have plants in summer to have that tropical vibe in the house and to add bright hues indoors. These grow according to the pot you plant them in. if you want a full bloom of these beautiful flowers then you can plant them in either an open space outside or in a big pot near a window. For a table plant, put the seeds in a small pot.

4: Brazilian Fireworks

This plant got its name from the fact that it creates a firework of colors where they are planted. These plants bloom in the spring and summer season and during this time they develop red flowers that further develop into stunning lavender-colored flowers. These red and lavender-colored flowers along with the dark green leaves create beautiful surroundings. Not only the explosion of hues but this flower shoots small seeds that can be used to grow more Brazilian fireworks after the flower fades.

5: Hydrangea

Hydrangea looks like something out of fairytales. They are ideal flowering plants that you can plant in your yard. These plants might not be planted inside the house but around the house creating a stunning view and area. These can be planted in a pot and put inside but they require a lot of space so make sure you have all the space available for these plants to grow in a healthy environment. These plants are not only good-looking but also have a fresh fragrance, ideal for spring and summertime.


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Indoor plants are not only a way to decorate your interior and add new colors to it but are also a way to keep the area fresh and cool. These indoor plants provide you with some vibrant colors to create the interior according to the season but also provide you with fresh and clean air. The greenery of these plants enhances the room and makes you feel energetic whenever you are near them. You can get different kinds of houseplants in your house and can elevate the look of your house and change the vibe of the place.

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