How Can You Transform Your House Into Memphis Decor

How Can You Transform Your House Into Memphis Decor?

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This is the design complete opposite of the minimalist style where people decorate their place with only the things needed and required. This design is more of pop colors, clashing prints and shapes and so much more. Inspired by the pop art and decor style this is now an inspiration to a lot of artwork and other things. If you are the opposite of minimalist style and like the art deco and have an artistic side to you then you might like this decor style. This Memphis decor style makes the room look vibrant and exciting. It makes the room energetic and provides you with fun energy when you are here.

You can decorate your space with Memphis Decor style and create a fun-filled surrounding with stunning designs.

1: Bright and bold color palette

This decor style is all about bright and vibrant colors that add to the energy of the area and make the area look exciting. You can use colors like pink, yellow, blue, green, and other colors in their vibrant shade and decorate the place. Usually, these colors are used in furniture or when painting a wall and adding some prints and patterns to it. You can use these colors and style the place accordingly.

2: Clashing patterns

This style has a lot of patterns going on. You can decorate your place with different patterns. You can use these patterns use them in the interior. There are several places you can use these patterns and decorate your place with. You can use these patterns on the walls and create a statement wall with them or can use these patterns in the bedding or the upholstery. You can get a beautiful patterned rug and decorate the floor with it. You can also get some art pieces and decor accents in several prints and patterns.

3: Round edges and curves in furniture

This design takes inspiration from art deco and thus how can you still have straight and classic furniture and not get some artistic touches to the furniture. This decor style uses a lot of round shapes and curved edges. Say bye to those straight and sharp edges and furniture and say hello to round edges. These add softness to the look and make the area feel more comfortable and artsy. This is a nice change from the simple furniture and adds to the look of the house making it seem energetic and fun to be at.

4: Use of geometric shapes

This decor is more on geometric shapes and you can see a lot of those in house styled in this style. You can incorporate some geometric shapes into the house by adding geometric shapes on furniture such as a round ottoman or a triangle table, and you can also look for some art pieces that are geometrical shapes. You can also use these and paint the walls with different shapes and patterns creating a nice decor element.

5: Use of black and white color

Black and white stripes are popular in this decor. These two colors create a contrast in the decor from all the vibrant colors around the place. Black and white stripes are used in the decor of the place to create a balance and to make sure that the interior is not too overwhelming for anyone. You can use these colors in the decor of the place and create some nice patterns and designs with them. These two colors maintain the decor of the place.


These are the elements that you can use to convert your space into a Memphis decor and make the room look exciting and inviting. Let go of dull colors and boring furniture and bring in bold and bright colors and unique shapes and patterns. These make the place much more fun and beautiful. You can let out your creativity and make some stunning designs in the house. You can decorate the walls with patterns and shapes and get some differently shaped furniture. There are several art pieces and artworks that you can incorporate into the house to enhance the interior according to this design and style. Create a colorful interior in the house.

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