How to add Visual interest to a blank wall in the house

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If a blank wall in your house is disturbing you and you are looking for ways to make this one a star, then all you should do is be as creative as you can. This blank wall is your canvas and you should do nearly everything to add a style factor to it. Pick black and white canvas, colorful paintings or antiques for adding visual interest to your home. These tips will become your inspiration to turn this blank wall into a vibrant space. Have a look-

Set up an artistic bookshelf

The best way to decorate your blank wall is by adding a bookshelf to this wall. This bookshelf can literally cover the entire wall and make it feel contented. This will give your blank wall a partner and will also revamp the look of your entire area. If you are a book lover, then this will be your ultimate pick. It is great for home aesthetics and also for redefining a blend of contemporary and vintage living. Pick this bookshelf in wooden material for a vintage look and if you want to add a contemporary touch to it, then pick something that is a bit trodden. A blank wall can be given a museum-like quality with a bookshelf filled with reading material and collected treasures or magazines from a certain period.

Hang a Tapestry

A tapestry is the most gorgeous form of art, no matter what kind of surroundings you live in. There are so many ways in which you can add an ante look to your house wall but this one is truly something else. It has that charm and vibe to it that no other form of art can be related to. A tapestry is basically a form of textile art that is traditionally woven by hand on a loom. With this tapestry, you can actually add a sense of traditional touch to your wall because it boasts great artwork from a period from the past. This period from the past is depicted on a tapestry using threads in different colors to make it a beautiful one. It has the potential to distinguish the rest of the area from this wall as this one looks the most flattering. There is no match of a tapestry being used to decorate a wall. This one also adds a contrasting look in a white-wall space.

Use a Picture Ledge

The best way to display a few pictures, frames and antiques together is by installing a picture ledge on this wall. This picture ledge can turn out to be your best choice for this blank wall because it will not only look fancy but it will also turn out to be a multi-purpose development for you. Pick this picture ledge in bright colors to make this wall a colorful one. You can display your art collection on this picture ledge to make it look stunning. Whether you opt for a single ledge or decide to group them in more than two numbers, they will look perfectly flattering and will add life to your blank wall. Collect different artistic frames for this wall and add them to this ledge for a distinct look. They’re the most perfect solution to fill a blank space.

Gold frames for vintage

The best way to make your wall look elegant is by hanging something that has relevance with poise and elegance itself. This can be done with golden frames because gold is the most sophisticated material ever. It has the ability to turn heads around and make an aesthetically driven space for you. These gold frames in a number of 4 or 5 together will not only fill up your wall but will also make it look vintage effortlessly. There is no boundary as to what you should put in this gold frame. You can frame your old photos, black and white pictures, art collection and even random artwork from the street. Regardless of the style and era, display these golden frames together in mix and match of sizes. Cover every inch in art and be as creative as you can be.

Use a sculptural mirror

Perhaps one of the most common but loved ideas in home decor is using a sculptural mirror for your space. this mirror is definitely a piece if admiration because it will not only bring the reflection of sunlight into your space but will also make the area look much more ante and sophisticated. Using huge mirrors on blank walls is a great way to add visual interest to this wall. This powerful tool gives the room a relaxed feel and also gives a very homely warmth.

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