How to Decorate Your Living Room in an Eco-Friendly Manner?

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Trends keep on changing only a few trends lasts for a long time. Today we have brought you the evergreen decoration for your living room. They are completely budget-friendly and you will love what these changes will do to your room. Since our theme is eco friendly you will see that the decoration is minimal yet the room looks so filling and beautiful. One more things as you are aware of how plastic isn’t an environmentally friendly object we are not going to place any plastic in the room. Let’s begin with the decor items you must use in your living room.

Furniture The living room needs a comfy and relaxing sofa, so you need to add a none plastic furniture. You can keep a set of sofa such as a combination of three and two separate sofa chairs is what’s kept by most of the people. Apart from that you know your place better thus you can add an L shape sofa to the room as well. Coming to the table, one must add on some sofa side tables and the coffee table in the center. Now you need to decide the structure of the two tables being the same or different. One can also add a book-shelf in the corner if you prefer.


Rugs are eco friendly and they never lose their charm in a home space. So you can go for a long rug or a carpet as you like. In the center of the table adding small circular rugs under the sofa side table is the most common place to keep a rug. Besides that, you need to choose a contrasting color rug for the living room. Suppose if you have bland color or neutral color sofa then, you can get a colorful rug for the centerpiece yet keeping the neutral rugs under the side table. There are lots of patterns in rugs, so go find the one rug for your living room.

Plants As you know our theme is eco-friendly adding plants is a must. So what, what can be your plants decoration. You need to add plants to your side tables. As the designers say go for symmetry like tall, short and shorter. So you can go for a big tree on the top of the side table flowed by a short art piece and finally under the table keep some books or magazines whatever you like. Placing an artwork is usually done by all, but what if you create a shelf on the top of your sofa and add small same pot size plants to it. You will cover the wall in an eco-friendly way. One thing to keep in mind while placing any plant in the house, you don’t have to water them daily and when you have to water it has to be in less quantity. More water will flow and makes your sofa dirty. Except for the center-table, add plants to the sides of your living room. No, if you get a botanical texture or wall art on the main wall of the room. Nothing is better than that.

Lighting Last but not least is the lights, you know how lights affect your mood and change the atmosphere thus, you need to place some not too bright lights in this room. Add some lamps and if you like place some lights on the plants as well. The lights in the greenery of plants give a stunning look to your living room. You can get some ceiling work done and install lights in the inner surface just reflecting their brightness into the room.
There are other decor items as well such as painting for which you strictly need to get the wooden frame nothing at all, in a non-biodegradable plastic. Adding candle can give a nice touch to the space. You can add a minibar or add a personal touch by placing some of the things made by you or maybe a friendly story picture which could be a reason to begin a conversation in awkward silence.

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