How to Have a French Style Modern Home

How to Have a French Style Modern Home?

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French style is a very prolific and extravagant domain of home décor and furnishing style that speaks of elegance endowed with royal comfort. This modern style has been made more profound with industrial technology and the availability of more viable materials. Around the world, the classic French style of home décor has been adopted wholeheartedly for its undying sophistication. And as a result, we see French modern homes emerging.

Take the style as coming from the era where regality sought the best things for their mansions and from here, it started to replace its old antiquity with contemporary worldliness. So here are some home décor tips to put to use if you resonate with this style too.

French Style Modern Home

  1. Prominent Low-Lying Furniture

Furniture is an important aspect of French décor. The style focuses largely on making the furniture pretty prominent in outlook. The element of perfection has to ooze out of the furnishing style. Being utmost French here! The grandiose and extravagant approach is often seen through their furniture. But because of the high ceilings, the furniture has to look low-lying or should be of a low height to make the space more roomy and atmospheric.

Low-Lying Furniture


  1. Stark White Walls

Another important note to take when you are doing your home in French modern style is to keep your walls as white and clean-looking as possible. It is the modern factor as well as the old factor that pishes one to keep the canvas blank here so that more room is made for additional embellishments. Keeping the walls stark white with furnishing done in medium to dark wood. It is the easiest way to create soft contrast. White walls would also make the room look more spacious.

white walls


  1. Artsy Paintings

Classical paintings in a home are a much-admired virtue in the home décor arena. French-style homes are well acquainted with this through their passion for art. This is why you have to got to put up beautiful paintings on your walls if you are in love with the ecstasy of art. It will blow your mind every time you would look at them. We have got to maintain the fact that despite being a modern concept, it enjoys full right to be quietly and deeply aesthetic.

Artsy Paintings


  1. Long Curtains + Large Windows

Long curtains are important indicators of luxury. This means more outside view and more receiving of the merciful sunlight. It is done with large windows and signifies a great heightened ceiling. The area needs to look lush before anything else. This will give more liveliness to your rooms and halls with the long and flimsy curtains flowing with the breeze. They will also help add more accent to your space. Be sure to have this feature in your house and make room accordingly.

large windows


  1. Occasional Dark Elements

French modern home enjoys occasional elements that have a comparatively darker color or deeper tone. This is intentionally put in to minimize the monotony that might come with the repetition of the same toned colors over and over again. This creates a contrast that is outstanding and mindful of the other beautiful intricacies that French style usually entertains, a lot. Putting out some dark furnishing or lighting will create the perfect balance for you. Just keep the tone warm!

dark elements


Bottom line:

You will surely enjoy the comfort of a soft accent and the mix of warm colors in your home with this style. French modern will help you get a grip on your aesthetic style because not only does this style resemble modernity but it strives to maintain the artsy factor within itself. This style is variously adopted in different households because it handles creativity well without being overdone because of the contemporary perspective put into use here. So enjoy your new home décor style and feel its magic!

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