How to spruce up that empty corner in your house?

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Any empty space in an aesthetically defined place tends to hurt our eyes because it dulls the vibe of the rest of the area. This empty corner is a definite no-no because it will bring a lifeless vibe to your space and that is literally the last thing you would want to do. Otherwise beautiful rooms start looking awkward and meaningless with these empty corners. So, it is imperative to devise some creative ideas to make this corner stand out from the rest of the area. You should spruce up things a bit and add decor pieces to this corner. It doesn’t even require much effort. Sometimes, it is all about placing a rocking chair, a fancy bookshelf or some throw pillows for vivid colors and vibrancy. Here are some of the best ways to revamp this corner and make it a noticed right away.

Corner Floating Shelves

To fill up an empty corner in your house, you just need to be creative. There is no hard and fast rule involved in this creativity. Whatever you like, you must do it right away. Picking floating shelves for this empty space is the most convenient way to add life to this corner. These shelves are called floating shelves because they are seen in a snake-like design with some empty spaces in between. This free wall space will not only highlight this floating shelf but will also make way for storage. It can be extremely useful for placing your books, antique pieces, flower vases and other utility items that otherwise have no spot. Customize this floating shelf just how you want and make it one of the most loved corners in the house.

Gallery of artwork

This one is definitely the most aesthetically driven idea because it involves art. You don’t need a very large corner or wall space to display your favorite pieces of art. A little corner is enough for doing this and so, we have picked an opportunity for creating a gallery wall for this empty corner. Use this blank space to create an eye-catching and asymmetric display of pictures and famous artwork. You can hang your own designs or pick artwork from renowned artists for a worthy backdrop. This gallery of pictures will attract attention when placed in different frames, sizes, and shapes. Moreover, it brings an instant visual interest in the space and actually makes you love this corner even more. The trick is to hang your artwork in diagonal or contemporary style for a modish look. Make it look effortless and less defined.

Slide in a vanity table

Another great way to add life to this corner is by sliding in a vanity table to this corner. Nonetheless, this will turn out to be a space full of utilization. But you can do this only for your bedroom or bathroom corner. There are a lot of tables that you can pick for this corner but this vanity table will be one of the most gorgeous picks because it comes in fancy styles. A vanity table will fill up that extra space in your bedroom and will turn out to be a nice place to get ready. Pick a vivid colored table and place your accessories on it in a creative way. Hang a nice scenery and slide in a stool as well. It will be a nice place to perch while you get ready each morning and night.

Create a cozy seating

If this corner is next to the window, there is nothing better than this idea. You can simply pick some throw pillows and a thick rug for this corner and place it there. Go for vivid colors like bright tones and neons mixed together so that there is no space for dullness. This cozy seating can be easily designed in the best possible way according to your own creative sense. So, if your living room’s window touches the corner or lies in close proximity, then don’t think twice before constructing this idea in your head. Give this idea a life because once you sit in this cozy seating, you will want nothing more. Sipping a cup of coffee and simply doing your thing like reading or watching a movie in this corner will be the best feature of your house.

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