How To Utilize Fireplace Ashes

How To Utilize Fireplace Ashes

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Fireplaces in the house provide you with coziness and warmth. They make you feel comfortable and cozy, allowing you to enjoy the crackling of the wood, sitting near the fireplace enjoying a drink or reading a book, or just being together with your loved ones. The fireplace brings a lot of memories and it is important to keep the fireplace and the chimney clean. You need to clean the chimney of any soot and keep the fireplace free from extra ashes. These ashes are not a waste product but can be used in several ways in the house itself. You can throw these ashes away as well but first, get to know how can you utilize and use these fireplace ashes.

The list below depicts some of the ways you can utilize fireplace ashes.

1: Use it as a cleaner for glass

Use it as a cleaner for glass Ashes are a great means to clean things. The glass on the fireplace gets dirty very easily and it makes it difficult to clean. You can clean it effortlessly with the help of some fireplace ashes. You need to make wood ashes and water paste that you can use and apply it to the glass after it is cooled down. Scrub the paste with a cotton cloth and then clean the glass afterward.

2: To neutralize the odor

To neutralize the odor Sometimes there is so sort of odor that you just cannot handle, whether it is from the garbage bin or from some vegetable or food item. Fireplace ashes are a great item to use when you need to neutralize the odor. You can put some fireplace ash in a bowl and place it in the refrigerator to remove any pungent smell from the fridge and you can put some of this ash into the garbage bin to absorb all the bad smells and neutralize the odor.

3: Protection from the icy slippery areas

Protection from the icy slippery areas

If you are living in a cold area where it snows very often during winters then you must be familiar with the salting of the ground so as to make it less slippery. Instead of salt, you can use the fireplace ash that you were going to just throw away. You can use this ash as the replacement for salt and throw it over icy and slippery areas to create some friction and traction. Keep some with yourself and use it wherever you find a slippery area.

4: Mold prevention

Mold prevention Fireplace ashes can absorb moisture easily and this can be used as an advantage to prevent the formation of molds in the house. If you feel like an area in the house is a bit more humid and can result in mold formation or if you see some mold formation then you can get some fireplace ash and put it in a container. Place the container in one corner of the room that is prone to moisture and see the difference it can make. Getting professional help with mold formation is not controllable by you.

5: Use as a fertilizer

Use as a fertilizer One of the ideal ways to use it is to give it back to nature. You can do so by using the fireplace ash and putting it in the garden. This can raise the ph of the soil and can provide it with the nutrients needed by the plant. You can use it as a fertilizer and keep your garden healthy and flourishing. This is one of the best ways to use the fireplace ashes. You do not just throw them away in the bin and utilize them by using them as a fertilizer.


One thing you need to make sure about is that you do not use any sort of painted or treated wood in your fireplace. This can provide some unnatural fumes and can harm you. Use natural wood. Keep some ashes in the fireplace for a better fire next time and take the remaining ashes and use them the way mentioned to you above in the list. These are in use for centuries and this is one of the natural ways to clean things. You can utilize fireplace ashes in some other ways as well and can make sure nothing is getting wasted in your house.

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