Innovative ways to paint your room ceiling

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Any blank space of your house acts as a blank canvas where you can create anything you dream of. But there is one space of your room you often neglect and don’t pay attention to and that is the ceiling of your room. It is the space of your impeccable curated room that hangs blank. So why not use it in a way that it becomes the key element of your design scheme. To bring the most out of your blank ceiling space, we have brought some expert tips you can use to have what you wish for. Read on to get the inspirational ideas to create a nice space for yourself.

How about Dark Ceilings!

Do you know what impact does dark ceilings create in your room? They help in making a bold style statement as well as make it appear taller than its actual dimensions. If you are looking for something that gives you such an illusion then you should go for this innovative idea. Just pick a bold, dark shade for your ceiling and you will get what you desire. Keep everything neutral like the colors of the wall neutral by giving a deep shade to the ceiling.

Keep things in the same Tone

Paint is a thing that is very light on the pocket but it is something that can add richness and luxurious look to your space if you use it the right manner. Upgrade and elevate the style of your room by washing the whole room in a single color. It will include everything- ceiling, walls, and trim. Try to use paint with lacquer or high-gloss finish. When you follow this way, it will make your room look more elegant and expensive. Go for a deep emerald shade of green if you want the look of a study room of a fancy estate.

Go for white in the right way

Don’t think that your room will look plain and boring if you chose to keep a white color for the ceiling. It will definitely not if you go the right way. Go for white if you want everything to be minimal and to give your space an airy feel. Now if you choosing to keep a crisp and clean white color for space above your head, do the same for your walls. Pick the same color palette for your whole room. We are saying so as a little variation might also make one color look muddy or dull. So pick wisely and give your space a fresh clean look.

Play With Eye-Catching Paint Finishes

Do you know what has been trending this year when it comes to room ceilings decor? Textures! Of course, we are not talking about the old-style popcorn texture you would have often observed previously in many homes. Here we are discussing the textured wallpapers, metallics, and shiny lacquer finishes. These style trends will surely create havoc in the market this year. So go for this style before they become common for everyone.

Make ceiling the focal point

This is the last idea on our list but this is the most fabulous one. It will help you create a unique style statement for your room and that too with minimal effort. You won’t need to work for dressing up your room with accessories or artwork. Just try painting your ceiling the right way so that it becomes the focal point of your room. It is a great way to incorporate color and also to bring a personal touch to it. It also helps in separating spaces for a sophisticated look you would have always wanted.

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