Inspirational Decor Ideas for Small Living Room

Inspirational Decor Ideas for Small Living Room

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Even though the living room has enough space, somehow we couldn’t occupy all that space in the room as we want to keep kids playing corner in there somewhere. So what could be done? One cannot play with their bedroom space as that space is meant for relaxing and daily actives. More than that, it really pains us if we have to compromise on our personal space. Thus, what’s the option with us? It’s time to transform the living room decor. So as we get ample space in the room for kids to play and have a relaxing time watching TV with your partner on the couch. You will be without worry while the kids are in front of you. So, let’s get to the things you can do.

Some Best Decor Ideas for Small Living Room

Sofa Set

Sofa Set It depends upon the shape of the room yet somehow I have a feeling that the L-shape sofa occupies lesser space in a room. Imagine keeping a three or two sitter couch with two side chairs in a room. Wouldn’t it be a lesser sitting place and more crowded? On the other hand, imagine L-shape 5 sitter with some poufs on one corner or below the console or TV cabinet. You can use this space for some storage by placing some storage baskets. If not the toys basket can be done as well. These days we get the detachable five sitters so, if space is lesser you can compensate with the four sitting and place the fifth chair around the corner.


Tables Buying a big heft or storage table will not be a perfect look for the small space. Instead, just go for the small asymmetrical tables. These days we have got so many tables in the various geometrical figure where one is a little smaller and one table is a little bigger. Go for these tables probably in a round, circular shape. As this is the shape that covers more ground without coming as a hindrance to the mover. Moreover, when the time comes you can just move these tables to the side and use them as a side table. Apart from that if you like to keep a storage table then, there are foldable tables that can remain short for a while but when the need arises can be opened to make a full-size table.


Plants It’s one of the main decors of any place in your home. The freshness in the room is directly emitted with the help of plants. Now, since there is lesser space you must invest in some hanging plants. If you feel like you cannot water the plants regularly then invest in faux succulents. There is an impressive range of faux plants out there they will be secure and wouldn’t need much, just cleaning once in a week. To secure these faux succulents you can get some floral foam and which will help your plants stay intact for long.


Rug Rugs are not only important for the decor they are equally important for comfort and sitting because your kids are going to play on it. Moreover, think of a minimalist pattern while you invest in the rug. Since the room cannot be decoration too much, therefore; it becomes must that the rug should have minimum pattern work. Go for big blocks or diamonds somewhat matching the sofa could be exceptionally good for it. Sidewise, if you keep a neutral color then, the room will feel light and beautiful.

Personalized corner

Personalized corner It is must to have personalized corner in the living room. There you can keep some of the objects which you find interesting such as, some books, holy inspirational figures, art DIY, something which reflects you and your personality in the room. This corner will bring life to the room along with a sense of belongings. You will love to be present in the room and feel proud of your personalized corner.

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