Inspirational DIY ideas to add an artistic touch to your walls

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The walls carry the essence of any house and should be decorated in the most unique styles so that they are noticeable even from a distance. Whenever someone enters your house, the first thing they notice is the walls and thus, you can use wallpapers and vivid colors to add some gorgeous elements in the house. So, if you are thinking of giving a makeover to the walls all by yourself, then there is nothing better than these DIY ideas.

Half painted art

Heard of abstract art? Well, this one is somewhat like that. Abstract art is something that does not aim to represent an accurate depiction of visual reality. Instead, just like the name, it uses abstract and unique shapes and forms with vivid colors to make its presence noticed. You and your guests would surely admire the existence of this one because of such unique features. So, if you are planning to add an artistic touch to your space, then the best way to do so is to keep art on the top. And we mean this literally! Go crazy with different kinds of artistic pictures and place them everywhere. This half-painted art is another piece of appreciation where you can paint half the area of the painting or make it look colo block. Leave the other one aside in a solid plain color.

Polaroid Photo Ledge

Talking about artistic designs, you cannot forget pictures and photos of any kind. A photo ledge is something you would love to have in your living room as well as the bedroom. The thing about pictures is that they depict some kind of stories and thus, take us to a whole another world. This depiction of stories and remembering memories is the only way to live life fully. So, if you want to be surrounded by this kind of vibe, then this photo ledge is the best way to do do. The popular Polaroid photo trend is the best way to add to the aesthetics of the house and make it look artistic. Lean on to this one for creating a gorgeous photo display on open shelves of wood. Hang string lights for extra charm.

Wall of Lanterns

This wall of lanterns will turn out to be your ultimate decor corner in the house. If you are excited about decorating your space and making it look unique and different from the rest of the area, then pick some fancy lanterns and rush through your thought process. This thought process of yours will help you curate some fancy ideas so that any blank wall in your house doesn’t remain lifeless. So, any blank wall in your house can be decorated with this idea and curated for an aesthetic corner. Simply pick some colorful lanterns or pick lanterns in the same color and pin them to rows of nails on a wall. wall. These will give your space a warm vibe if you insert twinkle lights inside for an illuminating wall.

Wall Planters

Adding a touch of greenery to your space will be one of the best DIY ideas for your house. These wall planters are not only good for adding lush greenery but also make you feel close to nature. They emit positive vibes and the entire vibe of the house changes. All you have to do is pick some fancy and colored vases and planters and place some green plants in them. Then hang them together on a wall in whatever pattern you like. Make your garden room dreams a reality by crafting this multi-pot planter in the living room or on the entrance.

Mirrored Stairway

Another of your lifeless walls that are not paid enough attention! This wall on the stairway is never taken in charge of and thus, it becomes an extremely dull part of the house. If you do not want this to happen, then pick some antique mirrors and place them on the staircase wall. You can hang mirrors of all shapes and sizes along your stairway to create some visual interest. So, the next time you are going up or down, you will be able to see yourself and this will itself be an aesthetic feel. These mirrors can be placed in brass or gold design for adding a touch of vintage.


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