Interior Styling With The Gingham Prints

Interior Styling With The Gingham Prints

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Gingham print is popular this year and thus we are here to provide you with some great ideas that you can use to decorate your house with this trendy print. This trend can be said to be linked to the cottagecore style as gingham is used a lot in the countryside and the cottages. A simple and sweet print like this is available in so many colors and textures which provides the options to select from and decorate the place. With so many ideas and ways to decorate this versatile print, it gets easy to decorate but difficult to choose the right kind of print for the interior. This kind of print can be used in all sorts of styles and aesthetics and thus here are some ideas you can use to decorate the print in the house.


Styling With The Gingham Prints

1: Ceiling curtains

If you want to go big scale with the gingham prints in the interior of your house, you can use these printed curtains and use them in your living room. Use them to create a ceiling to floor curtains that would add texture to the place and make the room seem taller. This also adds a nice frame to the wall and makes the windows and the area around look better. You can use big or small prints on these gingham curtains.

2: Table cloth

You can go with a more cottagecore and farmhouse style with this print by using the fabric for table decor. You can go with the tablecloth or can go with the table runner in this fabric. This will make your table look cute and chic. This makes the place feel refreshing and comfortable. You can have checkered or stripped gingham fabric used along with different kinds of colors to go with the theme. Get pastel shades for spring and dark, warm shades for autumn or winter.

3: Gingham room

Let’s create a monochromatic room with this fabric. Why not use different kinds of prints and create the required room? There are so many ways you can use different kinds of fabrics together without making the place look overwhelming. Go for a room and look for ways you can add this fabric. Rug, upholstery, bedding, curtains, sofas, couches, and so many other places where you can use this print and adorn the place. You can also decorate your kitchen in this style.

4: Big print wallpaper

Wallpapers are one of the easy ways to decorate the wall and make the place look beautiful and stylish. Available in a variety of materials and prints makes it difficult to choose the right kind of wallpaper to use. Here you can go for a big print gingham wallpaper that would be a great backdrop and that would add more of a modern touch to the room. It would help add colors to contemporary-styled homes.

5: Cute upholstery

There are several prints and colors in this print where you can have a cute vibe and can use that to add the same to the interior. Use these small prints and pastel shades to use as upholstery in the house to add a more feminine and cute aura to the place. These upholestry adds a soft aura to the interior and you can decorate it with pillows and throw sets. Add more decor pieces and if possible use more gingham fabric in the interior to decorate the place.



Use this stunning and cute print to decorate your area and make the place look great. You can use this print on small scale and a large scale decoding the way you want to decorate your house. It offers a lot of ideas and prints that you can work on within different areas of the room. This trend is gaining a lot of popularity nowadays and can be seen in a lot of styles and decors. This may be gaining popularity in recent times but this has been there in the decor industry for decades and thus when you are decorating your place with this print, you can always get inspiration from designs decades ago.

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