Lush plants to give your bathroom a cheery and bright makeover

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There’s no hidden fact that plants work wonderfully for your home interior and holds quite a lot of ability to elevate your space in the most effortless and gorgeous ways. In recent times, they have been coming to use more than anticipated, and there’s no such space left in the house that cannot use a touch of some lush greenery. Similarly, having some plants in the bathroom is one of the easiest ways to make it feel more lively and airy for the users. Not only plants help in improving the air quality inside your house, but they also act as a great decor accent that can spruce up your home interiors like nothing else. If you thought that plants could not thrive in humid areas, then we would like to clear the air. There are a variety of plants available in the market that are known to thrive best in high humidity areas such as bathrooms. We have listed the top 5 plants for your bathroom that are considered to be the perfect choice in such an environment and will also help you to spice up your bathroom decor.

Spider plant

Spider plants are probably the easiest and cutest plants to grow in your bathroom. However, they prefer to be grown in tight quarters; therefore, make sure to pot them in tiny containers that shouldn’t be larger than the root ball. As long as you have placed them in a well-lit area, they will remain in their best state. This plant helps in removing various impurities from the air like formaldehyde and carbon monoxide that gets formed in the moist environment. They also produce small buds or plantlets at the base, which you can cut off once the roots are formed. You can either re-pot them or gift them to others. They can survive in bright light, but if it’s continually exposed to bright sunlight, the leaves may burn; therefore, keep it away from direct sunlight if it gets difficult for the plant.


Picking bamboo for your bathroom is the easiest you can go with plants. No amount of soil is required when it comes to this plant, any level of light and some amount of water is enough for this plant to grow. You can place it in any container of your choice. Just make sure to keep the water level right all the time to keep it fed and hydrated. You can also add some pebbles at the base of the container to spruce up its appearance.

Aloe Vera

When grown as indoor plants, Aloe Vera is easy to grow tropical perennial which has good tolerance to ever-changing bathroom temperature. Not only this plant is beautiful to look at, but it is also very useful. The leaves of this plant are filled with a gel-like juice which is useful in so many ways. It can help you to relieve some pain that is resulted from cuts, scratches, sunburns, or bug bites. To stimulate its proper growth, make sure to keep it in a sunny window. Just know that Aloe Verarequires a lot of indirect bright sunlight.

Peace lily

Peace lilies are one of the most gorgeous and lush plants to grow in your bathroom. The leaves of this plant help to improve the air quality by filtering the air in a particular space. Not only they require minimal care, but they also love the humidity in the bathroom. To keep them in their best state, make sure that they are placed in low lighting, and the soil is damp all the time. A bathroom with low light is considered to be an ideal spot for these plants, and they thrive the best in filtered light.

Chinese evergreen

Looking for plants that can keep up with the bathroom’s humid environment for a longer time? Look no further than Chinese evergreen, which is the sturdiest option to put in that space. This plant remains at its healthiest best for a longer time, and for that reason, it can prove to be a great addition to your bathroom space. The beautiful texture and the pattern on the leaves of this plant instantly brighten up space and make it appear more cheery. Even if you forget to water or feed them, they will still survive.

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