Make your home look expensive by following these styling tips

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Having a space that looks no less than a home of your dreams may feel imaginary but in actual it’s not. All it takes is some decoration inspiration and some styling tips to turn your vision into reality. For all those people who just love to decorate their house and like it to look modern, trendy and rich all the time, may know the kind of feeling you get when you see your house all decked up looking no less than the ones featured in high-end magazines. And there’s no harm to feel that way, as it’s the motivation that gets you here and makes you more passionate about decorating your house. But sometimes, the whole thing gets really overwhelming and you can’t process where to start from. While decorating your house into looking stylish and expensive may be a little challenging but it’s doable.
We have made a list of some styling tips for you that will help you in creating a stylish and amazing space for yourself.

Brighten up the room with fresh flowers

Incorporating fresh flowers can be the easiest way to add a breath of breeziness and natural feel to the room. Adding flowers as a finishing touch in the room can work quite amazingly. Don’t judge them based on their size because a thing as small and simple as natural flowers, underestimating them would be a mistake. Not only adding flowers is a wonderful way to add a pop of color into the room but they also help to keep your space looking refresh all the time. You can match the flowers with other decor or elements present in the room to give it a cohesive and unified feel.

Paint the door trim in a different color

Sometimes, it’s just the small things that work wonderfully for your space. You can give your door an artistic and sophisticated feel by painting the trim in a quirky and vibrant color to make it stand out in the room. Add some dynamic as well as drama to your doorways by color painting them in a different shade. This might just be an unexpected yet fun way to welcome all your guests.

Hang the curtain from the top of the walls
Curtains are an important part of every room. They can easily help in adding some drama to the rooms and improve their appearance drastically. But to make sure that they work effectively for your rooms, hang the curtains from the very top of the wall. This trick would also apply to your windows even if they don’t go all the way to the top. Hanging curtains high will draw everybody’s attention to the height of the space, which can intensify things like nothing else. Look for drapery or curtains in eye-catching shade and fabric to add more drama to space.

Paint the ceiling

To make things visually look more interesting and attractive, an easy way to add some drama into your rooms is by painting the ceiling. This trick will especially come handy if your rooms have a high ceiling. By color painting the ceiling in a quirky and eye-catching color, you can easily draw attention upwards; whilst boosting the visual interest of the space and also giving it extra illusionary height.

Mix and match complementary colors

Adding colors to space can be the easiest way to spice things up in your rooms and also to make them look more lively and vibrant. Instead of playing safe with monochromatic tones, think out of box and experiment with other shades that can look equally appealing and attractive. Infuse your space with bright, energetic complementary color combos to give your interiors a rich look. Some color combinations like peacock-pink, red-blue, etc. will add newness and visual interest to your space.

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