Outdated Trends that we wish to see never again!

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Everything takes a turn with time whether it is your fashion sense or home decor. New trends keep coming and going and some of them even stay for a while. Some might also make a comeback. But some trends are such that we never wish for them to come back. These trends are a big turn-off for your exquisite home and should never come back to your gorgeous home. These outdated trends should never be on your list, no matter what. Look for some timeless designs and stick to them. Here is a list of the most outdated trends that we never wish to see again.

Tile Countertops This is the worst home decor trend that we have seen in the passing years. It has literally spoilt the look of all those corners where it is installed. Although tiles are still in trend, the trick is to use them appropriately. Tile countertops for the kitchen are the worst home designs ever because they give a very traditional look and that too, in a low-grade look. If you want your kitchen to look classy and modish, then you should never pick tile countertops. Pick anything like granite, scallop or wood but tiles are a big no. Tile countertops were a thing in the 70s and were picked in the brightest of colors. We have no idea how it worked that time but today, they are a big turn-off. So, it is best to leave this trend to that particular time and make way for new designs.

Shag Carpets

Carpeting for your house has always been a great way to add a creative vibe to your space. These carpets add life to the flooring of your house and make it look different from the rest of the space. So, the next time you are going for shopping a fancy rug or carpet for your house, you should avoid picking these shag rugs for your space. A Shag rug or carpet has a deep pile which gives an overall shaggy appearance. It looks too much over the top and looks like you have stepped somewhere deep in cotton. These carpets are no longer trendy. Although stepping onto them can make your feet feel ultra-soft and soothing, they do not make the room look stylish. Instead, they look too much out of a fairytale. You can go for fancy rugs with a low-pile look so that they feel soft but do no go too much over the top.

Tiffany Lamps Lamps are imperative for home decor because they bring illumination into the house and also come out to be gorgeous decoration pieces for your empty corners. So, these lamps should be picked in fancy styles and designs so that one can add character to different areas. But one of these designs is this Tiffany lamps that are a big no. They are the worst types of lamps every curated because they have such an outdated design. They do not match the design of contemporary homes nowadays and distort the view. The existence of a Tiffany lamp makes a room feel too outdated and also dulls the look of other elements in the house. There are a lot of other lighting styles that add a touch of elegance to a room so you should throw this one out and make space for them.

Millennial Pink walls There was a time when this color was seen in almost every home because it looks feminine. This pink color has been a pleasure to the eyes in the olden days but today, it hurts the eyes. We have seen so much of it that now, it is just a big turn-off. Things like pink and blue walls are decade past and have no space in modern homes. It is high time that you accept that millennial pink is no longer on the trend. For a fresh look, consider hues like muted tones that will never grow old.

Window Valances This is definitely a trend that ruled the time in the 70s and 80s because it emits a very royal look. But this is the story of the bygone days. Today, it has nothing to do with royal vibes. It has just become too much hovering over the space. These window valances cover the window unduly and make it look too much over the top. It is advised to get them off and hang sheer curtains instead. You can also pick fancy designs and prints in curtains to make your area look vibrant. But the existence of window valences is a big no.


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