Paint Ideas For An Open Space Living Room

Paint Ideas For An Open Space Living Room

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One of the interesting parts of changing the look of the place is selecting new colors for every room. There are so many options to select from and so many designs that you can create with just paint and provide a whole makeover of the place. Colors have a way to make you feel either calm, energetic, soothing, or other emotions. Thus when you are selecting paint for different rooms look at the aura and vibe you want in the room and then select the color. Different colors go with different rooms. For example, you can use pastel shades for the kids’ room, earthy tones for the kitchen, and so on.

To help you further, here is a list of colors that you can use in an open space living room.

1: Powder blue

Powder blue is such a soothing color. This is the color that provides you with peace and ease in the room. You would be relaxed when you enter the room. There are so many ways you can decorate your walls with this color. This is also a better choice than those classic neutral shades that are used in decorating any place. This shade is soft and soothing and also has a color to it that makes the room beautiful. You can decorate the space with white, black, pink, green, and other complementary colors.

2: Olive green

There is no harm in using a dark shade and decorating the room with it. You need to have great natural light in the room as well as other light fixtures that would make the space look bright and spacious. With the right decor, you can make any dark color work in the room. Here you can use an olive green shade and decorate your living room with it. You can also use some other shade such as cream or white and create an accent wall in the room. Adorn the place with things that would create a peaceful space.

3: Light gray

Another color that you can use when you are enhancing your living room can be a light shade of grey. This is a wonderful color that you can use to make the space feel at home. This is a great choice to paint the living room with. You can use some darker shades of gray to create a monochromatic look or can go with some other shades to create an accent wall that would help in forming different spaces in the open space living room. This way you can make partitions in the area without any other medium.

4: Tan

Use tan as the main color for the living room. This is a wonderful color that you can use when you are planning on painting your living room. This is a bit darker than the usual cream or beige that is used but this shade provides the room with a nice natural and earthy tone too. You can use this color as the main theme of the room or can use it on one accent wall to decorate the area.

5: Orange accent wall

Speaking of accent walls, this is a nice color that you can use on the accent walls of your living room. Orange is a vibrant and bright shade and adds energetic vibes to the room. You cannot paint all the walls in this shade but you can definitely use this shade as the accent wall or can use this shade with some other color and create a two tones walls in your living room.


These are some of the colors that you can use in your living room and make it look stunning. This is the place where your guests sit and you sit together with your family thus the area should be decorated in such a manner that makes the are feel comfortable and peaceful and at the same time inviting too. There are several other colors that you can use that would provide the same aura to the place. These colors mentioned in the list above are just some of the many colors that you can use to decorate your open space living room and create a cozy place for yourself and your family. Decorate the area with furniture and accents.

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