Paint your house with these fabulous color picks

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As it is often said, “The first impression is the last impression”, the same goes for your house too. So you need to put in the necessary efforts when you decide on the paint colors you need to put on the exterior of your house. It is as important as the interiors of your house. If you are really confused about what to do, then you need not worry we are here to help you out. We have listed the best color combinations that will work for your house. So step out of your comfort zone and chose the color palette that would never go out of style.

Just White

It is the most evergreen pick you can ever have for your house. You will find this color in most of the houses. Not only it is the safest color option, but also it gives a nice and rich first impression to whoever visits your house. The best part about white color is that it works on every style of home you live in. Take care of just one thing, that itself has different shades and tones, so it is important to go for the apt one. Choose warmer or cooler tones according to your needs and preference. Another great thing about white is that it works well with the other detailing you do on your exterior. It helps in highlighting each element.

White and Blue

Another great combination that will prove to the best for you. If you don’t want to add earthy shades in your home, then you can try this cool and lively combination of white and blue in the exteriors of your house. This striking combination helps in adding that lacking drama to your space and give it a certain dimension. Try to paint edges with white color and give certain other portions some indigo touch.

White and Dark Brown

Yeah, it will give you that classy and luxurious look you are looking for. Dark brown is one of those rich colors that bring out a rusty look and helps to enhance the overall appearance of your house. This great idea will help in giving that architectural detail to your house you had always wanted. Try to highlight the protruding portion of your house with a dark brown shade, giving your house a modish appearance.

Add Yellow with White

Do you know what kind of vibe does yellow brings to your space? Yellow is a color that gives a very friendly and welcoming feel wherever it is added. Due to this property of the color, it is a popular choice among people when they decide on the color palette of their homes. The color is really versatile. You can use it as a mainstay color and break it with white, adding a little drama to it. There are different tones available in yellow color. You can either go for a deep yellow or for a subtle version of it that has more of a buttery texture.

Orange with Grey

Yeah, it is a different color combo and you might be afraid to pick it. But believe us, it is worth the try. You might be aware that grey is quite popular and when combined with orange it looks damn fabulous. You can use the orange shade for highlighting different portions of your house. And if you make it a prime exterior color, that will also look equally good. A grey-orange combo gives your house an industrial-cum-traditional look. So you can try experimenting for your house. You definitely won’t regret it.

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