Perfect vanity table for the Style Diva in You

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Do you know which is the most essential thing in a girl’s life? It is her beauty and fashion. No girl would not like to compromise on this part of her life. So which is the first place that comes in your mind when you think of keeping all the makeup products, necessities, and beloved jewelry? Of course, it is your vanity. The right vanity will make your mornings more relaxed and organized. But how do you pick the right one? That is what we are here for. First of all, clear out your mind on the main concern you need a vanity for and then consider all the other factors along with it. And when we are talking about the factors, we have listed all of them below:

First comes the budget

This is an important factor to consider especially if you are on a tight budget. And you may not believe us when we say that vanities are those pieces of furniture that are generally on the expensive side. As you know that DIY items are trending these days and nor have vanities remain untouched by this growing craze. So you can easily create the vanity of your dreams by spending just half the amount. You just need to purchase a mirror and fix it on one of your walls. Then pick a comfy chair and a table that matches up the decor of your room. And voila! you are done. Another awesome thing you can do that will prove to be quite efficient is, pick your old vanity and prep it up by redecorating with storage extensions.

Next comes the Material

When you consider choosing the material of your vanity, you basically need to keep two things in mind. First, your budget, obviously. Second is the kind of space you have. What is its size and what kind of decor you have put up? Now as you have planned where you are going to place it, then pick a suitable material. A wooden vanity would look super-awesome in a place close to the bathroom or near a window but you won’t have the privilege to keep it somewhere else. And in case you pick a purple wood vanity, then it would cost you a hefty amount.

Space is an important factor 

You are worried because you don’t have enough space to place a full-size vanity or a one with tri-fold mirrors in your room. You need not as we have the perfect solution for you. Just pick vanities with full-length mirror cabinets or the one with folding storage. You can even move the full-length mirror cabinets anywhere you want to. It is one of those add-on factors you get. If any of these ideas do not work for you, you can even use up that mall corner of your room to set up your very own ” vanity corner”. Space can act as your thing to store all your collection.

Don’t forget to consider the size of your collection

If you one of those girls who like to keep a huge collection of jewelry, then you would want to have a nice space to keep them all organized and chic. So vanity would be one such place to keep them all safe and save them from exposure to elements. They act as those customized storage spaces that serve your purpose well. Even adding storage extensions can be a cool option in case you need some extra space.

Lighting: For that enlightened look

No space can become complete of you don’t add that perfect lighting to it. The same goes for your vanity. After all, what is a vanity for? To do all that makeup stuff and check out yourself when you leave for a party or your office daily. So when you do this, check if light perfectly falls on your face. Bright lighting is really essential to use it efficiently. You must have seen vanities with mirrors enlightened with bulbs. So consider that option if you like it. Or just add fairy lights if you are on a budget. Just a pendant light over the seat of your vanity would also look damn gorgeous.

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